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Saturday, July 15, 2021

Timing for Internet promotions is a funny thing.

It occurs to me that, if you miss out on the charity auction for a lunch date with Jessica Biel, you can shoot for the “Tea with Nelson Mandela” bidding contest.

Somehow, I doubt the same audience would shoot for both experiences.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 07/15/2006 05:47:38 PM
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This ain’t much lead time, but: William H. Macy will be at tonight’s 6:35PM screening of Edmond at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas (62nd Street and Broadway; bring cash, because they don’t take credit cards).

How do I know? Because I went to last night’s 6:35PM screening, and unexpectedly, a bunch of people from the film were there for a brief give-and-take after the showing. They said Macy wanted to be there too, but couldn’t make it; so he was going to go tonight instead.

Who was at the theater last night? Director Stuart Gordon, actors Lionel Mark Smith and Ling Bai (or Bai Ling, as she called herself last night), and a bunch of the producers/associate producers. They wanted to be at the New York nighttime premiere of the movie, it seems.

I liked the flick, but was too out of it to come up with any questions for the group afterward (also was contemplating what to do for the rest of the night). Typically, though, as soon as I walked out of the place, I came up with a few questions:

- Was there, as I perceived, a sort of symmetry in what happened to Edmond during the course of events in the movie? Not to give anything away, but he experiences three distinct sexual/violent episodes in the first part of the narrative, during which he comes out on the losing end each time; then after he empowers himself with a weapon, he experiences three similar episodes, and comes out the winner — sorta.

- Just how does one get into producing movies? There were like a dozen producers and associate producers for this independent film; I’m curious as to how they were approached, if they’ve produced other movies, etc.

- A lot of notable actors did very brief cameos throughout the film. Is it easier or harder to get established Hollywood players to participate in that kind of work?

Oh well. My brain just wasn’t firing. At least other members of the audience asked all the right questions about David Mamet’s storycrafting and stage-to-screen adaptation input.

There was one funny anecdote from the shooting of the movie, told by Smith. Again, not to give anything away: One scene involved Macy’s character violently going off, physically and verbally, on Smith’s character. He was yelling really loud, and dropping the slurs “nigger”, “coon”, and the like. The scene was being shot on a soundstage in Los Angeles, right next door to where a Jamie Foxx comedy (of all things) was shooting. When Macy started yelling, his voice carried over to the Foxx set; once they heard that, a bunch of them came running over, thinking something real was going on! Smith said they looked at him, with a “you need help, brother?” look on their faces. All was put right quickly.

One of those Hollywood behind-the-scenes stories. I ought to submit it to Internet Movie Database. Then again, let them come here and copy it themselves…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 07/15/2006 04:34:38 PM
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