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Wednesday, June 28, 2021

baby, one more time
I guess having her first pregnancy immortalized in sculpture wasn’t mass-media-saturating enough. So Britney Spears is pulling a Demi Moore this time around, posing for a series of concealed-nude photos for the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar, including a cover shot.

No, the preceding link won’t lead you to any more belly-baring pics. But this one will, as will this one. Enjoy.

I must confess to conflicting emotions over this. On the one hand, I shudder at the sheer absurdity. On the other, Brit’s new brunette look kinda turns me on.

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 06/28/2006 11:49:09 PM
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  1. […] BRITNEY’S BIZARRE BAZAAR PHOTOS Britney pulls a Demi. (tags: magazine cover celebrity) […]

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    I’ve never, in my life, bought a copy of Harper’s Bazaar. A 35-year-old hetero male not buying a women’s mag — go figure.
    But this morning, when I saw the cover of the brand-new August issue, with that Britney Spears as latte…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 07/17/2006 @ 06:21:49 PM

  3. them was some hot ass pics son!

    Comment by Anonymous — 08/12/2021 @ 01:00:34 AM

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