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Tuesday, June 27, 2021

ready for action
The traffic stats on this blog are off the charts today, which can mean only one thing: Jill Wagner fever is hitting the InterWeb, again.

And here’s why: “Blade”, the Spike TV series based on the movie, is premiering tomorrow night. Wagner is co-starring as some sort of ass-kicking superheroine, sans fangs (actually, with fangs — sorta the point of the show). No word on if the series features Mercury motor vehicles

If “Blade” is a hit, I’ll attribute it to Wagner. I’d better — she’s bringing in the lion’s share of the traffic around here…

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/27/2006 11:44:14 PM
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ice that ruth built
The Bronx, that most maligned of boroughs, is embarking upon an image-boosting PR campaign.

I’m sure a proposed Rangers-Islanders regular-season game in Yankee Stadium, in the recent tradition of other outdoor megastadium hockey games, is part of that master plan.

Technically, this wouldn’t be the first time an official NHL contest took place in Major League Baseball digs. The Tampa Bay Lightning played several seasons in St. Petersburg’s ThunderDome, setting playoff attendance records. Of course, that was before that joint had a baseball team as a tenant; but the now-known-as Tropicana Field was built for baseball in the first place, so I think it counts.

And oh yes — you’d better believe I’m snagging tickets for the game at the House That Ruth Built, should it come off. I’d even take nosebleeders, just to say I was there. Of course, I’d probably have to wear about 12 layers of winter gear to keep from freezing to death, but it’d be worth it.

(Via Gothamist)

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/27/2006 11:39:13 PM
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I’ve been holding my tongue on how crappy the weather’s been of late. Nothing but rain, and more rain, every damned day. And before that, enough chill in the air to make me wonder if the summer heat would ever arrive in the Northeast.

It did. Which made the miniature snow drifts I saw lining 42nd Street late this afternoon a curious sight.

The funny thing is, it took several seconds for my brain to register what my eyes were feeding it. Somehow, when I looked down, I just took the piles of slush in stride.

Why was there snow on the street in the middle of June? I assume it was the product of a snow machine, used for a movie or commercial shoot earlier in the day. There was a lot of it — I’m guessing it extended for half the block — so I’m sure it got the job done.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/27/2006 11:02:18 PM
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entertainment, bitch!
One of the gifts I got for my recent birthday was an iTunes Music Card. Always appreciated.

The gifter of said card — who I know drops by here on occasion — will be happy to know that I’ve cashed in part of that Card on not one, but two episodes of Chappelle’s Show. The permanently-hiatused series was just added to iTunes Music Store, and the kicker: They’re “uncensored” versions. Which actually means that the curse words are no longer bleeped out… but the pixilated scenes of nudity remain pixilated. The old double-standard in American popular culture.

Anyway, the two episodes I bought and copied onto my iPod:

- No. 204: The infamous Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Stories episode, featuring the drop-dead hilarious “I’m Rick James, bitch!” sequence.

- No. 207: I got this one for the two main sketches — The World Series of Dice and Mooney on Movies. Mooney’s final punchline alone was well worth it.

Yes, it’s a celebration, bitches — on my iPod, during my morning train commute! It’s tough to keep from laughing; my co-riders probably think I’m nuts…

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/27/2006 10:50:25 PM
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