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Wednesday, June 21, 2021

Well, hell. I was really hoping to be the first to greet the news of Gemstar-TV Guide buying cult website Jump The Shark with that most obvious of quips: “Jump The Shark jumps the shark”. Perfect headline material.

But I was beaten to the punch, by Media Bistro and probably a dozen other blogs. So I’ll stew over that for several minutes.

I guess this demonstrates how much quantity is valued over quality when it comes to Internet meda outlets. I mean, Jump The Shark may have started out around a clever concept, but look at where it’s at now: Pages and pages of junky, message-board like crap where rabid “Friends” lovers and haters trade empty insults. Pretty much a dime a dozen, and far astray from the site’s purported mission.

It’s certainly got plenty of regulars, but does this add up to a worthwhile media property? I’m skeptical.

Naturally, Gemstar’s going to start loading up the site with plenty of ads and cross-promotions, to the point where purists will get turned off and move elsewhere.

But in the meantime, perhaps Media Bistro is onto something:

From the press release (read the full release at FishbowlNY): “Gemstar-TV Guide will develop and promote Jump the Shark across its multiple media platforms.” Right. So look for the Todd Phillips-directed Jump the Shark movie, starring Johnny Knoxville, Amy Smart, and the delightful animated “Sharky,” voiced by Bob Hoskins.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 06/21/2006 11:51pm
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