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Thursday, June 15, 2021

never break decorum
As good a way to wrap up a day as any: The Exterminating Angel is showing in half an hour on Turner Classic Movies.

I haven’t seen it since the Dali Museum in St. Pete screened it, over a year ago. At that time, prior to viewing it, I described the film as “a real corker of a surrealist thriller”. After seeing it, I can confirm that description, and qualify it by saying it’s also imbued with absurdist humor as well.

By coincidence, I had cause to refer to this Luis Buñuel classic right here, on this blog, just over a week ago. It served as a literary simile to an interminable Brian Eno jukebox torture session. Small world, media-wise.

The reason it’s on TMC tonight is because it’s one of the selections of guest programmer Mia Farrow. I guess she’s trying to establish some cred as an avant garde-ian; good luck with that.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 06/15/2006 09:35:49 PM
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