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Tuesday, June 06, 2021

I took an extended break from the Guess That Song kick: The last edition was a month ago. And that one came and went with one lyric unanswered. So, for the sake of completeness:

4. I kicked the bass like an NFL punter, and scoped the booty like a big game hunter. - LL Cool J, “Big Ole Butt”

No wonder Ladies Love Cool Jay.

On to this spin. I don’t know that I’m motivated enough to make this funtime a weekly event again, or even a regularly-scheduled piece. In any case…

This edition’s theme is the “drugs” part of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Each of the following five lyric-bits are from songs dealing (directly or indirectly) with illicit substances. Cough up the name of the song and the artist, and you get your name/link posted on this blog acreage.

For extra credit, mention what you think is the specific drug being immortalized; it’s much more obvious in some of these than others. Here’s a very vague hint on that: The same drugs are represented more than once. I would have liked to have found five different songs about five distinct strains of junk, but I’m afraid my breadth of both musical and narcotic knowledge isn’t quite broad enough.

1. A guy like you should wear a warning.

2. Guns N’ Roses, “Mr. Brownstone” [Andrew]
(drug ID: heroin)

Get on the bus about eleven, sippin’ a drink and feelin’ fine.

3. The little herb I’m selling, they want to capture me.

4. Velvet Underground, “Heroin” [Joel]
(drug ID: um, duh)

I’m gonna try to nullify my life.

5. Grandmaster Flash, “White Lines” [Helen]
(drug ID: cocaine)

Twice as sweet as sugar, twice as bitter as salt.

Go at it. I’ll call ahead to the detox clinic for when this is all over.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/06/2021 11:56:01 PM
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When I referenced an article about non-studio apartments available for a reasonable $1,000 in the outer boroughs, I noted that Manhattan had its share of rental gems as well.

How’s this for a rare gem: A third-story flat, rent $94.18. A month.

That is, if the renter’s lawsuit has anything to say about it:

The best reason, and perhaps the only reason, to occupy the same apartment for 41 years is rent control, a program established to address a housing crisis in postwar time, post-World War II time in particular. Under those rules, Ms. Dittmer’s rent for the apartment at 319 82nd Street was set at $80.72 a month in June 1970 and raised to $94.18 in March 1983, according to the lawsuit.

But since 1976, the lawsuit says, she has often been charged more than that. A lawyer for Ms. Dittmer, Colleen Buckley, said the amount she paid ranged from the maximum legal rent to as much as $570 monthly.

And you wonder why New York remains a city of renters. You hear about some outlandish rent-control deals, but this one has to take the cake.

I guess there are some oddball ways to finagle your way onto a rent-control or rent-stabilized lease, without having to had camped out in a building for half a century. I don’t know what those are, though.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/06/2021 11:14:50 PM
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Just curious:

Is it proper to refer to one’s cousin-in-law — i.e., the spouse of your cousin — as a “cousinlaw”? Or, even more backwoods-ish, “cuz-in-law”?

Because I’m a busy man, yo. I need expediency of speech wherever I can eke it out. So long as it doesn’t lead to Newspeak, or its sad real-life manifestation, l33t speak.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/06/2021 05:17:23 PM
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You already knew it was coming, and now it’s here: June 6th, 2006, the heebie-jeebiest day for the next century or so.

Like last time, I tried to set an appropriately ominous timestamp. Since it’s not possible to show the time of day as the 66th minute of the 6th hour, I got as close as I could. Hope you appreciate it.

Still skeptical, hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia scoffers? Well, laugh off this list of marketing-spawned product launches and promotions, specifically targeted for this most Devilish Tuesday.

A sampling, just to put the stink of fear on you:

Ann Coulter’s new book!

Oddly, no surer sign of this whole six-appeal notion than that book launch…

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/06/2021 07:06:03 AM
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