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Thursday, June 01, 2021

I guess the bright-side assessment of a 40 percent reduction in Homeland Security funding for New York and Washington anti-terror programs means that residents of those cities can breathe easy: They’ve been deemed less likely to be attacked by al Qaeda!

“I’m very sensitive to how leaders in New York City and Washington, D.C., feel about this,” [Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett] said. “This is about protection, and I think looking frankly at the history of terrorism, oftentimes what you can expect is that the next incident won’t be like the previous incident.”

In other words, the Bush Administration is subscribing to the homespun theory that if your house is robbed once, it’s less likely to be robbed again.

The biggest huff is over the DHS fund-dispersement assessment that New York’s grand total of “national monuments and icons”, subject to terrorist targeting, is zero. Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge… Nah, nothing to see here, folks.

With this sort of thinking, not only do I question whether or not the United States should be the world’s policeman — I question if the guys in charge right now are qualified to be their own country’s cop.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 06/01/2021 11:55:05 PM
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Le parkour, that French-spawned urban-landscape youth gymnastic craze, is sweeping New York City.

But that’s not so remarkable, given the City’s status as a cultural nexus. What is remarkable is that the kids in Westchester and Rockland have been hip to this jive for the past couple of years. Which makes the five borough extension a rare instance of cultural reverse-osmosis, flowing south on the Hudson instead of north.

I think I’ll quote myself from back when, to round out my thoughts:

When I first read about this, the whole walking-up-walls thing, along with the name “parkour”, brought to my mind Spider-Man. I wondered if the French derivation of “parkour” wasn’t, in fact, from Peter Parker, the Amazing. Reading further into it, I found that it’s actually a re-spelling of the French “parcours”, meaning “circuit” or “course”. Still, I suspect there is a Spider-Man connection, probably at some point during the importing of the scene from French to English.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 06/01/2021 11:32:42 PM
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Are you already feeling an indefinable dread over the coming of… THIS TUESDAY??

Sorry to be so dramatic. But it’s not every year that the date June 6th, 2006 — in its more jitter-inducing form, 06/06/06 — comes around. Many a pseudo-religious nut is hand-wringing over the Devilish numerology of the upcoming calendar square. And of course, those crypto-Satanists in Hollywood contribute, seizing upon the golden opportunity to release the remake of The Omen on the day of sixes (hoping that mitigates an unusual Tuesday movie premiere).

I hate to ruin a quality Christian freakout, but I’m impelled to point out: Archaelogical evidence indicates that the true mark of the Beast is actually “616″, instead of the popular “666″. A misdialed number, in a sense.

So all you spiritual number-crunchers should really be worried about today, 06/01/06. You should ignore those extra zeros, of course. Or else, gear up for the coming Friday that will have 06/16 tagged onto it. At the very least, have your blood chill at the timestamp for this post!

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 06/01/2021 06:16:53 AM
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