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Saturday, May 27, 2021

say nachoThe upcoming Jack Black goof-fest Nacho Libre will barely hint at the symbolic power of the lucha libre mask in Mexican culture:

“I think a lot of Mexicans will find the real Mexico in this film,” [actor Richard] Montoya said. “Besides, it seems every time a Mexican puts on a mask, it changes the world. Zorro wore a mask. Subcomandante Marcos wears a mask. There seems to be something Mexican about the individual who dons the mask but represents the masses.”

And, as wrestler Blue Demon ably demonstrates here in his formal portrait, the first rule of Fight Club lucha libre is: You DO NOT take off your mask. Not even in your coffin.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 05/27/2006 08:31pm
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Producer/director Jay Roach can’t figure out why Fox and Sony killed off his anticipated comedy Used Guys.

Well, aside from a budget that had ballooned early in development to $112 million (thus promising to ultimately top out much higher), the studios probably were mindful of the recent negative buzz surrounding one of the movie’s primaries, Jim Carrey. Entertainment Weekly’s recent feature on Hollywood stars with substandard ROI in relation to their asking salaries placed Carrey at the top of the underachievers’ list. While moviegoers aren’t nearly as fixated upon such arcane numbers as their sports-fan brethren (a contrast I’ve always thought was telling), such a spotlight upon Carrey’s $25-million paycheck would serve to create a self-fulfilling prophecy for immediate projects like Used Guys.

I haven’t seen the EW list, but I’d bet co-star Ben Stiller is also on it, given his recent string of lukewarm films. So two repeat offenders probably would have brought enough performance baggage with them to handicap the project.

Oh well. Maybe Carrey and Stiller can team up on Cable Guy II instead.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 05/27/2006 04:09pm
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When word came down about a 5-foot-1-inch Nebraska pedophile being sentenced to a 10-year probation term instead of jail because the judge deemed him too small to survive in the prison system, I let it pass as just another news-of-the-weird item.

But now that I’ve been reminded that Charles Manson is only 5-foot-2-inches, I’m thinking a certain cult-killer might have new ammo for his next parole hearing…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 05/27/2006 02:48pm
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No need to trudge all the way to some English countryside to see the sunlight sparkle around imposing structures. Starting with this Sunday’s sunset, New York’s manmade street-canyons will provide a Stonehenge-like effect for skywatchers:

A happy coincidence of city planning and a clockwork cosmos is set to play out in technicolor glory on Sunday when the setting sun lines up exactly with Manhattan’s cross streets, creating an ethereal glow down the island’s concrete canyons.

Though the annual event has occurred since buildings north of 14th St. were laid out in a grid pattern beginning in the 19th century, it’s only recently that the stunning visual treat has begun to garner a cult following among latter-day Druids.

To catch the effect, go as far east on the island as you can, and gaze west down any major unobstructed cross street north of 14th (although apparently, the effect is viewable as far away as Long Island City). Might be good photo-op territory; I’ll see what I can do…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 05/27/2006 01:59pm
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