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Saturday, May 20, 2021

Here’s an interesting discovery:

A few nights ago, I was making a song purchase on iTunes Music Store. I clicked the purchase button, confirmed that I wanted to buy that song, and watched as the download began…

And then, the lights went out.

The worst-case scenario happened: A power-outage right in the midst of pulling in a file. Worse yet, it was a file that I’d just paid real money for! My computer stayed on, since it’s a notebook with built-in battery; but the Internet connection cut off, and the mid-stream file just disappeared. I figured I was screwed, that Apple had gotten my 99 cents and registered the purchase as being in the bag.

When the power and Web came back an hour later, I clicked the purchase button on that same song. Partly I wanted to see if it would pick up on the previous attempt, but mostly I just wanted to buy the song, finally.

I was pleasantly surprised to get a popup dialogue box from ITMS that informed me that the system showed me as having already purchased that song, but not having downloaded it. It gave me the option of retreiving it now, already paid for. Naturally, I did.

So, a disconnect in mid-transmission doesn’t mean you’re out of luck on iTunes. Useful to know for situations where your power and/or Web connection might be iffy.

It also gives an indication of how transactions are processed through the music store: I guess the purchase is registered to your account first, and the file delivery kicks in only afterward. Smart backend design.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 05/20/2006 04:36:40 PM
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  1. I had a router at home that would always die in the middle of large downloads, so any time I bought an album on iTunes I would have to restart the router (and lose my network connection in the process).

    When you get your connection back, you can click on “Check For Purchased Music” from the toolbar to get the files that hadn’t finished transferring yet. That way you don’t have to search again for the album or song you bought earlier.

    Comment by Andrew — 05/20/2006 @ 05:59:55 PM

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