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Tuesday, May 16, 2021

My trusty traffic stats have been telling me that quite a few wayward visitors to this blog have been hunting down pictures of Diora Baird in Esquire Magazine.

I’d assumed it would be in the same Esquire that I subscribe to. But no — in fact, Ms. Baird is featured in the May issue of Esquire UK, the sister British edition of the Hearst publication.

Isn’t that always the way? Underappreciated in her native land, Baird has to go to Europe for exposure. (Of course, she did do Playboy, along with Guess ads and countless other print/video work Stateside; but let’s focus on the moment…)

Baird’s made a habit of making interview fodder of her most prominent natural assets, and stays on that train in this feature:

“I’ve tried everything to make my boobs look smaller,” she said. “Duct tape, running bras, you name it, and guys still figure it out.”

Yeah, we’re funny that way. WMDs, Osama, Jimmy Hoffa — untraceable mysteries. But a pair of home-grown 32DDs? They’ll be zeroed-in on within seconds — duct tape be damned!

I happened to find a newsstand that stocked the imported issue. At eight bucks, it ain’t cheap. But the above photo should be enough of a convincer.

And in case it’s not, here’s the actual cover image:
covered, baird-ly
Don’t say I’ve never done anything for you, maties.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 05/16/2006 11:47:43 PM
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  1. She looks like a voluptuous Nicole Kidman. I mean that in a good way ;-)

    Comment by Richard Harlos — 05/17/2006 @ 10:06:50 AM

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