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Saturday, May 13, 2021

and it feels so good
I’ve often thought that nothing short of a miraculous re-formation of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players would compel me to ever watch “Saturday Night Live” again.

But I guess a “Seinfeld” cast reunion is close enough:

[Julia] Louis-Dreyfus, who is the guest host this Saturday, was asked during a New York radio interview if she had recently seen any of her former “Seinfeld” castmates, The New York Daily News reported Friday.

“We shot something for my ‘SNL’ appearance,” she replied, adding, “Oh, I probably shouldn’t have said that. It’s supposed to be a surprise.”

“SNL” Executive Producer Lorne Michaels confirmed the worst-kept secret of the week and said the group will appear in a video called the “Seinfeld Curse,” in which none of them find success after the end of the sitcom.

I see the potential for another “Lazy Sunday/The Chronic(What?)les of Narnia” video viral phenomenon. I take it back; see the Update below

Aside from that, I was considering tuning in anyway, solely due to Louis-Dreyfus‘ guest-hosting. Fact is, she was the reason why I first started watching “Seinfeld”, and that was because she was the only cast member I recognized, owing to her “SNL” days. Had she not been on the show, I might not have keyed in on “Seinfeld” until much later.

UPDATE, 5/14/2006: Damn! I was tricked. The “Seinfeld Curse” bit was fairly lightweight. Just a couple of minutes of Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander in a throwaway filmed bit, and Jerry Seinfeld making a brief, hammed-up cameo. And no Michael Richards?? Trust me, no one’s going to be clamoring for this download; the show will have to try another time to recapture the “Lazy Sunday” magic.

Thankfully, it came and went within the first few minutes of the broadcast, so I didn’t have to suffer through the rest of the sketch sludge that defines “SNL” these days. Seriously, I couldn’t make it through the following two skits, they were so banal. I did like the Al Gore opening bit (unlike David); like everything else about this show, it went on too long, but I especially liked the “killer glaciers” part.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 05/13/2006 06:12:23 PM
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