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Friday, May 12, 2021

You know how pissy people still get about having to watch commercials in movie theaters? They argue that they didn’t pay around 10 bucks to experience a TV moment before the feature presentation.

So imagine how riled the patrons on Broadway and other cities’ theater districts will be, when they plunk down $100 and upward, and then have to sit through a stage-performed ad for the City of London, prior to the evening’s entertainment.

“I don’t know why nobody has thought of it before, to have a live ad on stage for theater,” said [ad actor and Britcom star Pauline] McLynn, who will perform before a production of “Saturday Night Fever” at [Dublin, Ireland’s] the Gaiety.

“It will be a real thrill for the people who are here, as 1,500 people are going to have been at a world first, they will be able to go home and say not only did I see a great show last night, but I saw the first-ever live ad.”

It’s a choice audience to target: Mostly affluent consumers whose eyes and ears marketers drool over getting. And they’re captive for those three minutes before the real curtain-raising.

Then again, I can see this inaugural ad placement going sour. Those same desirable targets are also fairly conservative when it comes to their entertainment experience, and probably won’t take kindly to this intrusion. I fully expect to hear reports about booing, hissing, and possibly objects getting tossed; I can’t wait!

And if the Irish crowds won’t get rowdy, maybe the Broadway rabble will. Visit London is bringing its act to New York, starting May 23rd for the evening performance of “Stomp” at the Orpheum Theater. I smell drama!

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 05/12/2021 09:40:28 PM
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  1. I cannot believe this! Not for stage productions! I had NO idea! It’s irritating enough on film screens, but in the theatah?! Especially with the prices…

    Comment by fabhell — 05/13/2006 @ 04:19:22 PM

  2. The funny thing is, after the initial adverse reactions, it’ll eventually become accepted practice. Theatergoers will resign themselves to it, as moviegoers (mostly) have. That’s the idea: Introduce it now, and gain acceptance through attrition.

    Comment by CT — 05/13/2006 @ 08:19:05 PM

  3. Dramamercials?

    I think they can really get away with this. It’s truly surprising that noone has made this popular before. Perhaps it was too sacred a place, but I think they can make a go of it if it’s done properly. By “properly” I mean, of course, cleverly with…

    Trackback by Observations of Public Relations — 05/26/2006 @ 07:21:13 PM

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