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Sunday, May 07, 2021

clay bouquetI spent the better part of yesterday afternoon with a 4-year-old girl attached to my leg.

Calm down. The frenetic little twerp in question was my god-niece (if such a term applies to the offspring of one’s god-sister), Jamie. Since I relocated back to New York, she’s taken a shine to me, perhaps picking up on my innately juvenile nature. So whenever she spots me at some family gathering or visit — in yesterday’s case, a birthday party for a couple of nephews — she figures it’s playtime, and starts climbing all over me.

Even though I make like she’s being a pain (because she mostly is), I actually don’t mind at all. Jamie’s a fun little ball of energy, and perfectly enjoyable in small doses. It’s always a breeze when it’s not your kid.

As irresistible as I am to the female pre-K set, just think how much more appealing I’d be if I doused myself with the limited-edition Play-Doh fragrance, devised as part of the celebration of the product’s 50th anniversary. That haunting scent of play-clay compound… Layer that with a paste-scented deodorant, and little kids will glom onto you like you were the the second coming of Barney!

I can’t decide if this inspiration for a fragrance is more or less ludicrous than, say, a Hummer-derived cologne. Or, for that matter, perfumes named after Antonio Banderas and Donald Trump.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 05/07/2021 10:15:20 PM
Category: Creative, Fashion, Pop Culture
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