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Saturday, May 06, 2021

Through the weeks of build-up over today’s Kentucky Derby, I’ve heard favorite Brother Derek‘s name repeated ad nauseum.

The name “Brother Derek” intrigued me. You can go bats trying to figure out how most of the kooky names for racehorses (and racing dogs) get concocted, but this one was special.

Turns out Derek is the namesake of a Mormon missionary, currently serving in Armenia. So I assume a win today would go far in proselytizing for the Latter-Day Saints.

That doesn’t satisfy my intrigue, however. Because I can’t hear the name “Brother Derek” and not mentally tack on an “X” to that.

Yes, this year’s Run for the Roses brings to my mind Brand Nubian’s “Concerto in X Minor”, sung by “the brother Derek X”. Who’s going by the moniker “Sadat X” these days, when he’s not pulling guns on people.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 05/06/2021 02:22pm
Category: Other Sports, Pop Culture
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