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Wednesday, May 03, 2021

Lots of construction goin’ on in New York. And where there’s construction, there are portable toilets.

And when you need a port-o-let the City and surrounding counties, you look to Call-A-Head for all your flushing needs.

I applaud this plucky company for the clever double-meaning in its name: “Call ahead” blended with the Navy slang for “toilet”. It’s funny and memorable.

But then, perhaps inevitably, it goes too far. The corporate tagline goes for cute, and instead comes off as reaching:

We’re Way Ahead of All You Leave Behind

I guess I should say that Call-A-Head should have quit while it was a-head. But then, I’d just be part of the problem…

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 05/03/2021 10:33pm
Category: Advert./Mktg., New Yorkin'
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  1. All your flushing needs? So I can only get one near Shea Stadium?

    What’s up with Wagner?

    Comment by Michael Conlen — 05/03/2021 @ 11:38 PM

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