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Tuesday, May 02, 2021

top and bottom
Huh. Earlier today, I was pondering how the NHL playoffs were shaping up.

With the Oilers improbably sending Detroit home early, and Anaheim forcing a Game 7 with the Flames, the West is thisclose to having an all-upset field of teams going into the next round. It’d be a league first to have the Nos. 5 through 8 seeds advance (although that mark is deceiving, because the conference-wide field of eight format wasn’t instituted until a decade ago).

That, by itself, would be wild-wild stuff. Then I took a closer gander at what’s going down in the Eastern campaign.

As of right now, as my fingers are gliding across the keyboard, Buffalo is brutalizing the Flyers right out of the postseason to go on to Round Two. In Montreal, it’s currently tied and looking like OT, but even if the Canadiens win tonight, Carolina will get one more crack at winning the series. So, with Ottawa and New Jersey already having advanced, it’s quite likely that the East will wind up with the Nos. 1 through 4 seeds all going to the next round.

The four top slots in the East, the four bottom slots in the West. Can you say “wacky”? Let’s hope it comes to pass.

UPDATE: The East has come together. The Hurricanes put away the Habs with a 58-foot Cory Stillman slapshot, so it is, indeed, the top four seeds digging into each other next round (which I post schedules on in the next day or two).

Western Conference, your turn.

UPDATE, 5/4/2006: Yes! The Ducks came through with a 3-0 shutout in Calgary. So we now have symmetry.

So, what would represent more balance: The Cup final coming down to Ottawa (No. 1 in the East) versus Edmonton (No. 8 in the West), or Buffalo (No. 4 East) vs. San Jose (No. 5 West)?

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 05/02/2021 09:29:55 PM
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  1. The West is just a far stronger conference than the East is right now. The Oilers may have been an 8 seed, but even the Wings acknowledged that they didn’t even think they’d end up playing Edmonton in the first round because they thought that the Oilers would finish 5 or 6th. And while it is possible that the West could have the 5-8 seeds winning their first round matchups (although unlikely, as Calgary should win tonight), the teams that remain- SJ, EDM, COL are legit cup contenders.

    Comment by jrf — 05/03/2021 @ 11:55:41 AM

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