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Saturday, April 29, 2021

Today offered me two big-big-big sporting events in New York City that I could have attended:

- The 2006 NFL Draft, at Radio City Music Hall

- A few blocks away, Game Four of the Rangers-Devils playoff series, at Madison Square Garden

Given that choice, I opted for None of the Above.

The Draft is better experienced via TV, with ESPN‘s chattering classes providing the background noise, especially this year when there’s nothing of note to see after the first half of the first round. Besides, the audience is always overloaded with obnoxious Jets fans, and I can think of more pleasant experiences on a Saturday than enduring that rabble.

As for the hockey game, the prospect of the playoff experience at MSG was certainly tempting. But that’s tempered by the likelihood that the Rangers are about to get swept; and since that complete invalidates my playoff prediction, I’m miffed enough to embargo my attendance. (I am, of course, couch-potatoing the game as I write this.)

I certainly feel like a slug. But this too shall pass.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 04/29/2006 04:37pm
Category: Football, Hockey, New Yorkin'
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