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Tuesday, April 25, 2021

drawn together
Here’s an interesting line drawing from one Sigmund Freud. It’s part of an unconventional exhibit coming up at the New York Academy of Medicine, featuring the famed psychotherapist’s lifelong proclivity for illustration.

What I find impressive is how the progression of drawings reveal the evolution of Freud’s theories and methodology:

By his late 20’s, Freud had gained some experience with patients and, in a second phase of his career, he began to focus on brain function rather than descriptive anatomy…

In another [drawing], from an unpublished essay titled, “Introduction to Neuropathology,” looping lines connect several nodes in a diagram intended to show how areas of the brain represent the body, arms, face, hands.

“It is no exaggeration to say that this insight is the precise point at which the mind — that aspect of the organism which represents the body not concretely but rather functionally, abstractly and symbolically — entered Freud’s scientific work,” Mark Solms wrote in a commentary that accompanies the drawings.

I wasn’t aware of Freud’s biomedical foundations. Enligtening stuff. Also shows how the tendency to create visual representations helps deep thinkers flesh out their concepts.

As for the image above, I found translations for the German labels within it:

Es - Id

Ich - Ego

Uberich - Superego

Unbewusst - unconsciously

Vorbewusst - before-consciously

Verdrangt - penetrated

All of which composes the basic geography of the mind, as Freud interpreted it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 04/25/2006 11:54:18 PM
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It seems that London-based HSBC is intent upon plastering its “Different Points of View” advertising campaign onto every New York City transportation hub possible.

Just about every subway car I’ve ridden lately has had as much as an entire upper-banner full of the distinctive double-image ads for the bank. Not content with just the mass transit system, HSBC has now contracted with the Port Authority to make itself the exclusive non-airline advertiser at JFK International Airport, and is working on the same arrangement at the La Guardia and Newark airports.

I have to admit, it is an ideal medium for a sales message, precisely because of this:

“When you get off a plane or on a plane, you have that same first image,” [HSBC's U.S. division chief Martin J. G.] Glynn said. “It’s a powerful first image.”

I’d say moreso when you get off a plane and come through the gate, you tend to be more impressionable to the sensory stimuli you encounter. Even if you’re coming into an airport you regularly travel to and from, the natural decompression from a long airline flight tends to lower your sales resistance. A cherry spot in an airport gate is a great exposure spot, and makes that image so powerful. Not to mention the sheer volume of people moving through on a regular basis.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 04/25/2006 11:20:05 PM
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Because it’s hard to cram “outdoor life” into a hockey rink, the former Outdoor Life Network OLN is rebranding itself one more time, this time to “vs.” (that’s “versus” to you abbreviationally-challenged).

“vs. is a word that perfectly captures the essence of our brand. It is immediate shorthand for competition and has a range that can suit everything from stick and ball sports, to bull riding, to field sports,” network president Gavin Harvey said. “We felt it was a slam dunk, and sports fans we talked to all agreed.”

The network, which began soliciting suggestions for a new name about a year ago, said vs. was chosen “not only for its bold nature, but because it universally evokes competition.”

“Whether it is man vs. man, man vs. beast or team vs. team, the channel will celebrate sports at its best, where athletes and sportsmen compete at their highest levels with the greatest passion,” the network said in a statement.

Like anything, the requisite amount of marketing will make the new name sing. I’m pretty neutral on it; it’s vaguely goofy, but no more so than the names other channels are saddled with. And in a sports entertainment context, vs. certainly hints at plenty of creative promotional ideas. How it jibes with NHL games remains to be seen.

Presumably, network owner Comcast scouted out the online terrain before approving this new name. Because as of right now, vs.com, versus.com, and even versustv.com are all occupado. Some domain owner is in for a big payday.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 04/25/2006 08:38:43 PM
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