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Friday, April 21, 2021

This is interesting. The Woods, a stretch of forest behind my mother’s house that was mostly knocked down a year ago (right at the same time as my father’s death), is not going to be sprouting an office park after all.

At least, not anytime soon, and not unless someone wants to cough up a ridiculously inflated price for the land (dubbed, mostly hopefully, the West Street Medical Park):

A year ago, [Northeast Management and Development Corp. head Walter] Lambert bought the land for $80,000. [City of Newburgh] spent $1.75 million in federal grants on cleanup and roadwork. But no tenants came.

Recently, Lambert put the land up for sale, for $1.5 million. And that caught City Hall’s eye.

I’ve been up there on a weekend hike, just to see what’s what. The road is the only thing up there — no buildings, no cleared lots, nothing. There are pipes for utilities and data cables and such, but otherwise no sign that anything’s going to be built.

On the plus side, the cleared land has resulted in a couple of little ponds forming where the trees once stood, including one directly behind Mom’s backyard. That makes sense, actually — I remember coming across a little creek back there as an exploring kid (although I’d have guessed it would be found back further). The water has attracted geese and ducks. If they can’t build an office park back there, maybe they can make it a regular old parkland instead.

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Yesterday, while riding a bus, I eavesdropped on the 60ish-year-old busdriver’s casual bitching about how the world today isn’t nearly as good as it was in his day.

Having lived in Florida for the past decade and a half, I’m well-acquainted with this spiel.

But what I considered the kicker: When asked what he misses most about his golden age, he said (paraphrasing):

“When I was a kid, on Saturday nights, I’d go to my grandma’s house, and we’d watch “Gunsmoke”. And then, at either 11 or 11:30 — depending on what channel you watched — “Sea Hunt” would come on. Lots of good TV back then.”

This is his cherished memory — oldie-moldy TV shows? That he can still watch now on some channel or other? I’m not averse to television nostalgia; I grew up on hours of the stuff. But that you would cite the medium as an example of how life was better way back when — pathetic.

It was The Goo Goo Dolls who sang something about “the reruns all become my history”. Sucky song, sucky band, but it looks like they nailed this one.

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i want stanley
The puck has already dropped on today’s early NHL playoff action (as you can see here). So it’s now or never if I want to make my picks for the postseason.

I hate making just straight win-loss picks; there’s about a thousand other schmucks in Internet land (and beyond) doing that. But I’m pretty burned out from the week, so the blogging energy level is low right now. Let’s see how I do; very unlikely I’ll maintain this throughout the tourney.


No. 1 Ottawa Senators vs. No. 8 Tampa Bay Lightning
Easily the most lopsided matchup going into the playoffs. Ottawa needed a cakewalk in order to give starting goalie Dominik Hasek enough recovery time to come in for the second round, and the Bolts fit the bill perfectly. Tampa Bay, with its leaky goaltending, practically backed into the playoffs, and the Sens will back them right out in short order. Ottawa, 4-0

No. 2 Carolina Hurricanes vs. No. 7 Montreal Canadiens
Both teams come into this series slumping. The Habs were probably hoping to go up against Ottawa instead, as they matched up fairly well versus their divisional opponent during the regular season. Koivu and Kovalev have enough skill to give the ‘Canes headaches, but not enough to pull the upset. Carolina, 4-2

No. 3 New Jersey Devils vs. No. 6 New York Rangers
The glamour matchup, thanks to the big-city backdrop. The Devils are riding an 11-game winning streak that not only secured their playoff spot, but improbably nabbed them the Atlantic title. This is an atypically high-tempo New Jersey squad, with the EGG (Elias, Gomez, Gionta) line keying the offensive attack. More importantly, with Brodeur, they’ve probably got the fewest goaltending qualms of any team in these playoffs. The Rangers are counting on the return of Henrik Lundqvist to re-find the team magic. Even though the Devils have that championship stink about them, I’m going to go homer and hope that Jagr can figure out how to shake Pandolfo’s ghosting tactic. New York, 4-3

No. 4 Buffalo Sabres vs. No. 5 Philadelphia Flyers
Philly’s feeling let down over not starting the playoffs with home-ice. Worst, they couldn’t have drawn the more fatal matchup — the Sabres’ speedy forwards should eat up the Flyers’ big-but-slow blueliners. Add to that the unsettled Esche-Niittymaki duo in goal, and the Flyers are toast. A healthy Peter Forsberg would make a huge difference, but we all know that ain’t gonna happen. Buffalo, 4-1


No. 1 Detroit Red Wings vs. No. 8 Edmonton Oilers
In dull fashion, Detroit marched its way to a President’s Trophy pile of points, as usual. I’d be tempted to look for an upset here, but I don’t think the Oilers can properly counter the Wings’ distributed firepower. I do think they could put a scare into Hockeytown, though. Detroit, 4-3

No. 2 Dallas Stars vs. No. 7 Colorado Avalanche
I’ve already picked Dallas to go all the way, as per Off Wing Opinion’s prediction pool. Of course, I picked Dallas to win it all in the last playoffs, and they got bounced in the first round by… the Avalanche. So I guess I’ll re-adminster my kiss of death. Still, I like what I’m seeing from the Stars. The Avs still have good skill players, and the Theodore gamble in goal might yield results. But I think this series will be won via special teams, and on both sides, the Stars dominate. Dallas, 4-2

No. 3 Calgary Flames vs. No. 6 Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Maybe the most intriguing series. Both teams found their defensive grooves around mid-season, with the Ducks particularly adept in using trap-like methods to the extent that the new rules allow. I see the Ducks exploiting line matchups here bigtime, leaving Kiprusoff to hold off a high number of shots on goal. He will, but not enough. By the time Calgary can figure out a counter, it’ll be too late. Anaheim, 4-1

No. 4 Nashville Predators vs. No. 5 San Jose Sharks
Everyone knows about the deciding factor in this one: The absence of Tomas Vokoun, sidelined by blood clots. The powerhouse pair of Thornton-Cheechoo is not the kind of breaking-in experience rookie Preds goalie Chris Mason needs. Nashville certainly matches up well against the Sharks otherwise, and I think the San Jose D is rather susceptible to odd-man breaks, but it’s going to begin and end in goal. San Jose, 4-2

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