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Wednesday, April 19, 2021

I had kept my eye on the release dates for When Do We Eat?, the wacky Ecstacy-pumped Passover holiday that Charles enthusiastically endorsed.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to be playing in too many Manhattan locales. I can find only three theaters on the whole island where it’s running. One’s in Midtown, fairly close to the office; the showtime kinda sucks for me today, but since I’m not likely to have any other time this week, and I don’t want to wait for the DVD, I’m going to plunk my money down for tonight’s showing.

The premise of the world’s fastest Seder is funny enough. But really, the main attraction for me: Jack Klugman is in the cast. That’s a seminal event — it’s been a decade since he’s graced the silver screen. So, thanks to my residual fondness for those old “Odd Couple” reruns I used to watch on Channel 11 back in the day, I’m looking forward to seeing old Klugman work some magic.

Pity that Felix isn’t around to join in.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 04/19/2006 05:59:10 PM
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Admit it: There’s many a time you’ve passed by a pile of garbage, and a certain item atop that heap caught your eye. You had no choice but to nab that looks-like-new coffeetable!

As with many sundry everyday habits, the Web has coughed up a way to make this questionable hobby that much more efficient. GarbageScout is a Google Maps mashup that lets trash-trekkers amalgamate their findings, spreading word far and wide of items for grab.

Given that we live in an affluent society, there is gold in them thar heaps:

For his part, [GarbageScout creator Jim] Nachlin has nabbed a dark blue pinstripe Christian Dior suit someone left hanging on a construction scaffold, a subway sign that reads “No spitting, smoking or radio playing” and a rack of antlers.

Stylin’. I’m thinking you could combine this intrepidness with the Dumpster-dining freegan experience, and show that special girl a helluva night on the town.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 04/19/2006 05:40:48 PM
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