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Monday, April 17, 2021

Last week’s Guess That Song lyric game was well-received, so let’s give it another spin!

Same deal as before: I provide snippets from five songs (most likely pop songs past and present), you guess the artist and title for any or all (no Googling, please). You get your name and a linkback next to each correct answer, right in this post, forevermore.

So let’s get to it:

1. The voice of reason is one I left so far behind.

2. Elvis Costello, “Brilliant Mistake” [Helen]
Her perfume was unspeakable, it lingered in the air.

3. Beastie Boys, “Egg Man” [Joel]
Saw the convertible driving by, loaded up the slingshot, let one fly.

4. Neil Young & Crazy Horse, “Pocahontas” [Joel]
The taxis run across my feet and my eyes have turned to blanks.

5. This is the game that moves as you play.

Game on!

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 04/17/2006 08:34:55 AM
Category: Pop Culture, Question Time!
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  1. 3 - Eggman by the Beastie Boys
    4 - Pocahontas by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

    Comment by Joel — 04/17/2006 @ 12:17:46 PM

  2. Bang-bang!

    Keep ‘em coming on the remaining three, y’all!

    Comment by CT — 04/17/2006 @ 05:19:24 PM

  3. 2 - Brilliant Mistake by Elvis Costello

    Comment by Helen — 04/19/2006 @ 01:24:55 AM

  4. That’s right! Good to see some female participation this time!

    Two more to go, folks!

    Comment by CT — 04/19/2006 @ 06:28:57 AM


    Well, I gave it an extra week, but I guess the second edition of the Guess That Song game didn’t inspire as many guesses. It’s a fickle blogosphere.

    For the sake of closure, here are the answers to the two remaining lyrics: …

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 04/30/2006 @ 11:38:03 PM

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