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Saturday, April 08, 2021

hear the action
Y’know, I really ought to turn up the sound when I watch NBC’s NHL coverage next Saturday. Because today, at some point during the Rangers 4-3 OT win over Boston, game-winning-goaler Michael Nylander managed to drop a curse word when the on-ice reporter stuck a mic under his nose.

I didn’t catch what he said. I had the sound turned down real low, and my attention was divided so that I didn’t read whatever it was on the closed-captioning (which sometimes lets such offending words slip through). I suppose I could cruise the online news and blogs later today and tomorrow if it nags at me enough.

I did hear network commentator Bill Clement apologize at least twice over it, though, which is the only reason why I’m even aware of it now. Always funny when quickie damage control is applied like that.

So, would salty language from the star players endear NBC to future seasons of hockey broadcasts, or scotch the deal? The network’s already paying nothing for the rights, so it’s not like their investment is taking a hit (unless it somehow repels all those damned poker website advertisers that were rampant in today’s broadcast). But it might rile up the friends-of-family video commandos, assuming they think hockey is a sport that children should be encouraged to watch.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 04/08/2021 07:31:31 PM
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