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Thursday, April 06, 2021

So, those personal/blog business cards I had printed up? I stated that I got them for professional, self-promotional purposes.

But now, the truth is exposed: Like every other card-carrying male, I was using them as a discreet way to deliver my sexual advances upon women.

I was cleaning out my wallet at work and had all these useless business cards I was dumping out on the table along with receipts and other built up wallet junk. The woman I am working with this night says “I bet all those cards came from men”. “Yeah, looks like most of them are, why?” I ask.

“Well”, she continues, “I know two things in this life for sure. One. Never trust people that say ‘trust me’. And two, men give out business cards to woman they want to sleep with”.

There is some backbone to this. I remember hearing about this tactic years ago, but it was more along the lines of personal cards to hand out on the bar scene. It was a gimmicky fad, and I recall the consensus among my social circle being that it was a move rooted in desperation (seems that the act of actually ordering printed-up cards was too much work for such a tactic). But I don’t know about an institutional practice involving bona fide business cards. Maybe it’s an old boys’ network tradition, going hand-in-hand with the two-martini lunch.

Personally, I had no overt intentions along these lines. I really just wanted to generate some low-impact publicity for the blog, and my own self. I’m wondering now if the women to whom I doled out cards thought I was on the make… I probably was, but I didn’t want to make it this obvious.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 04/06/2021 11:27:42 PM
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It’s probably not the ideal comparison for person or state, but let’s face it: Silvio Berlusconi is Italy’s most noteworthy prime minister since some guy named Mussolini.

Nobody in Europe seems to be taking Silvio Berlusconi seriously enough, probably because the Italian prime minister usually makes the international headlines for rather curious reasons. It would be unthinkable in Germany, for example, to hear former Defense Minister Peter Struck extolling the virtues of his new hair transplant, Vice Chancellor Franz Müntefering making a public vow of chastity to prepare for the next elections, or Chancellor Angela Merkel declaring herself to be the female messiah of German politics. In Italy, however, thanks to Silvio Berlusconi, such preposterous events have become a matter of daily routine.

And the hits keep on coming from the media mogul-cum-politico, as he’s declaring a corporatist-state conspiracy bent on having him bounced in this week’s general elections.

Last Saturday Mr Berlusconi accused the board of the industrialists’ convention of siding against him with the centre-left, the trade unions, the five main daily newspapers and a section of the judiciary. He usually includes the banks and the co-operative movement in the conspiracy.

Given Berlusconi’s stranglehold on the Italian media, directly (through his ownership of 90-some percent of the TV market) and indirectly, his regime hints at a perverted Citizen Kane come to life.

As always, foreign internal affairs tend to make American politics seem as vanilla as can be…

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 04/06/2021 08:57:45 PM
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all your tile are belong to us
First few days for me back at the grindstone, and nothing much to report. I’m getting a lot thrown at me, and I’m feeling my way around. It’ll be a slow process.

But I did come across an interesting find. The office building I’m in is undergoing extensive renovations, resulting in the restrooms on my floor being out of commission. So I have to go up or down a couple of floors to visit the Men’s Room. Today, took the Up elevator.

As I turned the corner for the facilities, I came across the door placard pictured above. Yes, The National Mah Jongg League, Inc. is a tenant in my building! New York is truly the center of all things great and small.

How would you figure that the ancient game of mah jongg (”Maajh” to those in the know — who knew) was actually organized and in business? And for $6-7 per year, you too can become a league-sanctioned player.

In light of this, I think ESPN should add Maajh to it’s action-packed tabletop sports lineup of dominoes and chess. I’m sure there’s a juicy demographic of elderly Asians that advertisers would love to reach through televised tile-matching action.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 04/06/2021 08:29:14 PM
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