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Wednesday, April 05, 2021

As much as I’ve been enjoying my new video-enabled iPod, its relative fragility has been putting me off a bit. Because I bought this one brand-new and in pristine condition — unlike my previous ‘Pods, which I had bought used, and thus came to me fairly scratched up — its scratch-prone nature was making me nervous.

So, mostly to ease my mind, I decided to buy one of ShieldZone’s Invisible Shield film covers for the iPod.

The biggest challenge was applying the film. ShieldZone’s instructions (actually, go with the video version, as it’s more up to date) emphasize that you need to be extra careful with the installation. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as vigilant as I should’ve been, and wound up with a few tiny bits of lint trapped under the film — over the screen, to boot. It hasn’t ruined the unit — during video playback, they’re not even noticable. But on the menu and song title screens, I can certainly see them, and really wish I had been more careful.

I’d recommend making the application of the Invisible Shield a two-person job. While trying to align the film covers, I kept thinking that it would have been a lot easier if someone else were helping me keep both iPod and film level and straight. Doing it alone, it was a major hassle, especially considering how unforgiving the sticky stuff was once it made contact with the iPod’s surface.

Aside from all that, I’d say the Invisible Shield is worth getting. I’ve tried key-scratching the iPod, similarly to this demostration video, and it’s held up as advertised. I’m not about to put it through the pocket-change Ziplock test, only because the Shield doesn’t seal the entire iPod — the crucial dock port, Hold slider button and audio jack are still exposed, for obvious reason. With my luck, a penny will wind up jammed into the dock port, or the Hold button will get knocked loose, and I’ll end up with a wrecked iPod.

The other thing: I’ve had to resist the notion that the Invisible Shield now makes the iPod indestructible. The coating protects against scratches and such; it doesn’t do much against the shock from dropping the thing. Gravity and concrete will still do the predictable job. To prevent against that, one of the many hardshell covers are the way to go (I guess the Invisible Shield would work well in tandem with that, as it would prevent a looser-fitting case from causing internal damage from rattling around inside it). I’m not too concerned about drops, though, so I’ll forgo another casing and just keep a good grip on my iPod.

Anyway, I can now handle my iPod to my heart’s content, and not have to worry about marring it. Rockin’ on.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 04/05/2021 11:51 PM
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I usually pass on the thousands of online personality tests out there. But if Diddy, Donald Trump and Derek Jeter can take this one (albiet in absentia), then so can I.

PersonalDNA has calculated me to be a Generous Inventor. I guess that means I might discover the cure for cancer, but I won’t make any money off it. Dang.

Aside from the motivational-poster style positive attributions contained in the report, I found a particular categorical metric to be interesting: I clocked a Masculinity score that was smack in the middle of the scale at 50, and my Femininity quotient was a near-nonexistent 2. I guess I’m just enough of a man, and my feminine mystique is nowhere to be found.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 04/05/2021 07:11 PM
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