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Wednesday, March 29, 2021

That Red Bull and vodka sure is tasty. But the liquid equivalent of a speedball can also zonk you out hard: The stimulant effect of the energy drink masks the symptoms of intoxication, leading to overindulgence.

I’d think that any caffeinated drink mixer, like Coke, would have a similar effect. After all, you’re still combining stimulant (cola) and depressant (alcohol). I guess the extra kick in energy drinks is what pushes things over the edge.

I suppose if you want to avoid the ill effects, you could go for caffeine-free Coke and non-alcoholic vodka. But then, all you’re left with is the damned taste…

(Via Signifying Nothing)

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 03/29/2006 02:29:54 PM
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  1. if ur a good drinker and u could pound alocohol this stuff makes u blackout real bad. u cant remember anything u did and u wake up the next day and cant remember anything and a bunch of ppl are mad at u and its real scary. cya

    Comment by diddy — 05/06/2021 @ 08:29:24 PM

  2. Im one of the best drinkers of all time. I drink everyday of my life. This stuff makes u blackout and fight every person u see. This stuff makes u lose ur memory too. I kno one guy that lost his memory forever because he drank 16 vodka and red bulls. Amatuers stay away from this..vodka and red bull is for legends only

    Comment by good drinker — 05/06/2021 @ 10:40:12 PM

  3. Grow the fuck up! i slam this drink everynight at the pub.

    Comment by mr. simonet — 05/09/2021 @ 06:21:30 PM

  4. im not talkin about these baby one shot drinks there simonet…im talkin about half and halfs…..how does 35 shots of vodka down my throat sound. i drink grain too. 3 cups a night

    Comment by Best Drinker — 05/10/2021 @ 12:19:42 AM

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