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Wednesday, March 29, 2021

If you were to come upon a business establishment named “CUM Books”… Well, you could make some pretty safe assumptions about what sort of books you’d find inside.

Except, if said establishment was in Johannesburg, you’d be wrong. Because CUM Books is a leading Christian bookstore chain in South Africa. So take that, sinner.

Why would a Bible-pushing business opt for such an unfortunate name? Apparently, the South African national character has a thing about indiscriminate linguistic and cultural labels.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 03/29/2006 05:33:12 PM
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  1. Hehe!

    I am from South Africa, and very familiar with the CUM books franchise. I always thought it is very funny to have the bookshops named that;-)

    So talking about that, my friend just asked me how to explain to her co-workers what CUM actually means, since they keep on using it in their emails as an alternative to COME. Black South Africans are funny, sometimes cute in their use of the English language, especially when it comes to big words. This is also not just a black phenomenon. White, black, indian and coloreds are guilty of this “sin”.

    Another big reason for this is SMS or TEXT language. Lots of people have mobile phones here, so TEXT messages go below and beyond proper use of language, to the point where school pupils use it in their every day language, down to the point where some words have become acceptable to use! I stand under correction, but that is how things are going.

    Comment by francoislr — 03/02/2021 @ 03:23:26 AM

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