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Saturday, March 25, 2021

In what’s becoming a trend, Illinois resident David Kauchak was arrested and convicted for tapping into a nonprofit agency’s unsecured wi-fi signal.

I’m most amused by the uninformed outrage and equivocation over this. This isn’t a case of corporate persecution against hapless techies. If you don’t live or work at the location of the wireless access point, then you shouldn’t be using it without permission. You certainly shouldn’t be camped outside in your car, creeping out people for no reason.

Yes, of course everyone should lock down their wi-fi. But that isn’t always as easy as it should be, and in any case an open signal shouldn’t be interpreted as fair game. It’s wrong to “borrow” a house’s outdoor water faucet or electrical outlet; same rules apply to that house’s wi-fi.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/25/2006 09:02:06 PM
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i want candyThis has probably been around for a while, but it’s the first time I’ve come across it: Halvah, the sesame-based delicacy from the Near and Middle East, in an individually-wrapped chocolate-coated bar. I picked it up at a candystand.

I had the occasional halvah treat as a kid; my parents indulged every so often, having gotten the taste for the stuff while they grew up in Greece. But it was always the traditional unadorned stuff, maybe chocolate flavored but never with actual chocolate added to it, like this. And I don’t know that we ever considered it to be candy, per se.

It wasn’t bad. I think I’d prefer it without the chocolate, actually. But I’m sure that addition is critical to its success with the American palate.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/25/2006 07:50:13 PM
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face up
Okay, New York, tell me: What’s the deal with everyone wearing The North Face winterwear?

I’m seeing people with these jackets, hoods, etc. on just about every Manhattan corner. The picture here of someone’s back was taken on the subway yesterday, and it was probably the 20th time that day I’d come across the logo. And it’s not just in the city — I see North Face gear all over upstate too.

There’s nothing particularly distinguishable about the clothes that I can see, aside from the logo/label and its typical placement on the shoulder. That’s not necessarily a good thing. I wasn’t terribly familiar with the company and its origin story, even though I’m sure I’d seen it in the past. To me, the typeface and 70s-ish pattern suggests to me the logo of a bank; and with so many people donning the clothes, I wondered if they weren’t all corporate giveaway items.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/25/2006 07:02:32 PM
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beacon business
Check it out — one of the personal business cards I cooked up earlier this month found its way up the Hudson River. This is a cameraphone pic I shot yesterday at the Beacon train station on the Metro North line, inside a plexiglass bus shelter interior. Someone tucked it into the flyer taped to the wall, and it wasn’t me. (Nor do I know anything about the mobile home available in Poughkeepsie, so don’t ask me about that either.)

My online fame, such as it is, spreads. Maybe I can corner the blogging market in the Hudson Valley.

It might be a fun game to try to locate these calling cards. I could give out prizes for each find. Of course, I should have thought of that in the first place, ala creating a unique landing page URL or something. Or, if I were really determined, placed RFID tags on each card, and then tracked them big-brother like (I have a feeling many a signal would be bouncing back from landfills). Idea grist for the next print run of cards.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/25/2006 06:41:34 PM
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