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Friday, March 24, 2021

Taking the Metro North train today, I was amused to see the beer-n-liquor kiosk set up right in front of the track entrance. One for the road, indeed. (I didn’t imbibe for the two-hour trip, but it’s nice to know that Grand Central Terminal thinks enough of its travelers to provide the option.)

What I found strange: The vendor charges $6.50 for a top-shelf drink like Jack Daniels, but the price drops to $6.25 for no-name brand liquor. What’s the point? Is someone seriously going to be dissuaded by a measly two-bits? I guess it’s a fallback in case the cart runs out of the premium stuff, but it’s still a bit unusual.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 03/24/2006 07:28:27 PM
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In response to last month’s South Dakota near-total abortion ban, Oglala Sioux Tribe President Cecelia Fire Thunder aims to open a Planned Parenthood clinic on tribal land, arguing that the reservation’s sovereignty overrides state law.

There are extenuating circumstances to be resolved first. The South Dakotan law is going to be challenged, probably all the way to the Supreme Court (which, after all, was the very point why it was passed, overriding any regional imperatives). And the state Attorney General argues that it would be a criminal act for non-tribal members to avail of the services of any such facility.

First it was extra-legalized gambling, now abortion. What iffy propositions will the Indians dip into next? Bear in mind, I’m not judging at all — I’m cool with gambling and support abortion rights. Just saying, the tribes are in for quite a bit of collateral PR damage if this goes through.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 03/24/2006 06:56:25 PM
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team danger
After last night’s eked-out 4-3 overtime win over the hapless Capitals, Tampa Bay Lightning coach John Tortorella said his team would be a dangerous playoff opponent.

Dangerous? To whom? The biggest danger the Bolts pose is to themselves, by sliding out of the postseason race. They needed to comeback again and again just to force OT against Washington. In the game before that, they needed to rally from four goals down against Florida — another team they should be plucking an easy two points from (and didn’t, falling to the Panthers 6-5 in overtime). Tampa Bay is one short losing streak away from being bounced.

With that kind of track record, there’s not a single reason why the Eastern Conference’s top four teams wouldn’t salivate over getting the Lightning as their first-round opponent. Tampa Bay’s isn’t showing anything near the consistency needed to survive in the playoffs. Unless their goaltending improves quickly (perhaps with Gerald Coleman somehow igniting the net), I don’t see them winning more than one game in a series versus Ottawa, Carolina, the Rangers or Buffalo. The only hope is for Philadelphia taking the Atlantic crown, as the Lightning has inexplicably owned the Flyers all season.

I’m sure Torts intended his comment to be a team morale-booster more than anything else. But it’s laughable to think anyone else in the NHL thinks the defending champ is a dangerous team. It’s going to be a brief stay in the postseason — if they get there at all.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 03/24/2006 08:48:20 AM
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