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Sunday, March 12, 2021

alley backDismissed as a dotbomb-cratered dead zone only a couple of years ago, New York’s Silicon Alley tech-business community has seen a rebirth, minus the pie-in-the-sky headiness of the dotcom boom.

In fact, it seems the key to success in Valley 2.0 is in cutting all expenses to the marrow:

But perhaps the biggest change on the Alley has been the shift from a culture of profligacy to one of financial discipline. While first-generation Web entrepreneurs once boasted of mountains of venture capital, massages for staff and Aeron office chairs for all, the current crop of Alley executives can’t let a conversation go by without pointing out how utterly miserly they are.

“I was crazy cheap,” said Dany Levy, the founder and editor in chief of Daily Candy, explaining how she built her business. She said she has long urged employees to print on both sides of a sheet of paper, and that she bought candy for her company’s media kits in bulk from Duane Reade just after Halloween, when it was on sale.

In the SoHo offices of Thrillist.com, a three-man start-up that aims to be a kind of Daily Candy for men, Ben Lerer, 24, one of its founders, said his business plan “is all about saving every possible penny.” He said he and his partner, Adam Rich, 25, pay their sole employee, a writer named David Blend, “beer money,” a claim Mr. Blend disputed.

“Actually it’s half my beer money,” Mr. Blend said.

Hmm. In my ongoing job search, I wouldn’t mind hooking up with one of New York’s techiest. But if they’re going to pay peanuts, I might just as well start up my own gig. Easier said than done, of course.

Here are 18 of the 19 companies marked on the New York Times’ accompanying Googlemap, in more-or-less north-to-south geographic order. I can’t figure out which company is represented by the open-bordered black box at the top; it is somewhat reminiscent of the logo art here at Population Statistic — but as this is less a business and more of a hobby, and nowhere near my actual address, I’ll assume it ain’t me:

- Cool Hunting
- del.icio.us
- Double Agent
- Eyeblaster
- DailyCandy
- Meetup
- Homethinking
- Thrillist
- Huffington Post
- flavorpill
- Nerve.com
- Gawker Media
- Treehugger (who also got a kick out of this map)
- CollegeHumor
- Gothamist
- PubSub
- New York Software Industry Association Incubator

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 03/12/2021 06:31:04 PM
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