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Saturday, March 11, 2021

modern stone-age habit
Long ago sacrificed to the gods of syndication, the Winston Cigarettes opening credits and promo spots that were incorporated into the original network broadcasts of “The Flintstones” are now available for viewing on YouTube, in all their black-and-white glory.

It’s funny to watch Fred and Barney lazing around with a couple of ciggies in their mouths, as well as hearing Fred sing the “Winston tastes good, like a (click-click) cigarette should” jingle. And what’s with the too-large depiction of the product, in relation to the characters? It almost looks like the boys are smoking a couple of Jamaican extra-large special blunts.

Watch the spot while it lasts, as AdLand’s Dabitch thinks corporate lawyers will send cease-and-desist letters soon enough.

I’m amused that this particular submission of the video (there are multiple identical ones) was entitled “Big Tobacco would NEVER try to appeal to kids”. Because that assumption is false. For one thing, such tightly-integrated sponsor branding was routine in television during the ’40s through the ’60s; the practice was just ending by the times “The Flintstones” hit the air. The rest of the faulty thinking: That “The Flintstones” was kids’ programming, which it certainly wasn’t when it was originally broadcast in primetime. It was certainly a family show, but just about everything on the tube was back then. It’s the usual mistaking of animated fare automatically being intended only for children.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/11/2021 05:33:31 PM
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If you think the Rolling Stones only went ultracommercial as they eased into old age, think again: This originally-composed “milk-a-licious” Rice Krispies commercial from 1964 show that Mick and the boys were sellouts from the very start.

(Via AdLand)

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/11/2021 02:02:07 PM
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There’s a bizarre little TV spot currently running for Milky Way. It involves a guy getting the door shut in his face after a date, him slumping back into car, and reaching into the glove compartment for his comforting Milky Way bar.

When he rips off the top of the wrapper, there’s a miniature woman in place of the chocolate bar. She coos to him, “Why so blue, panda-bear?”

And he dejectedly responds with, “Whatev.”

And for some strange reason, that is what ruins my suspension of disbelief. Not the emergence of a tiny, exotic-looking and -sounding (is that a French accent? Spanish?) hottie from the Milky Way wrapper. Not her declaration that the guy is a “buffet of manliness”. Not his over-the-top goofy reaction to this affirmation, or his subsequent bite of the candy bar.

No, for me, the part that rings untrue is that this schlub, who looks to be in his mid-30s, with a vaguely Gabe Kaplan-sans-afro look, would be hip enough to use the slang “whatev” instead of the standard “whatever”. That’s what loses it for me.

And yet, I still want a Milky Way right now.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/11/2021 01:13:18 PM
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