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Wednesday, March 08, 2021

this is the big one
If there’s any semblance of balance in the cosmos, the sound guy at St. Louis’ Savvis Center should be playing the instantly-recognizable theme music from “Sanford and Son” during home games when Blues starting goaltender Curtis Sanford is in net.

If you need more justification than the obvious, consider that Redd Foxx, and his character Fred Sanford, both called St. Louis their hometown. Plus, Foxx’s birth name really was Sanford. And there’s Foxx’s recurring joke from the show about the “G” in “Fred G. Sanford” standing for whatever he felt like at that moment — in this instance, it might as well be for “goalie”. On top of all that, it’d be just plain crowd-pleasing.

If none of those reasons are good enough, then perhaps this little Mark Evanier-related anecdote involving the show’s theme and Foxx’s infamous lounge act will convince:

This took place at the Hacienda Hotel on a rainy Sunday night. Vegas was sparsely-peopled that evening and Redd had a lot of empty seats at his early show. When the time came to start the 11:00 performance, there were only ten bodies in the audience.

Opening the show was Slappy White, another veteran performer who had made much the same, hard climb as Mr. Foxx, reaching a slightly lower rung. Slappy did his twenty minutes, then a voice intoned, “Ladies and gentlemen… the star of Sanford and Son, Mister Redd Foxx -!”

The small band on the stage struck up the Sanford and Son theme: “Yum ta da-da, yum ta da-da da-da-dum, yum ta da-da…” Redd Foxx, resplendent in a tuxedo, his Norelco-shaved head gleaming in the follow-spot, strutted out on stage. He reached the microphone and peered out in the house. Then, after a moment or two, he screamed out -


Then he turned and marched off the stage. The band struck up his theme again: “Yum ta da-da, yum ta da-da da-da-dum, yum ta da-da…”

The lights came up, the waiters passed through the place distributing refunds… and the show was over.

I don’t know why but I just love that… especially the image of the band playing him off with his theme song, just as if he’d finished a normal performance. I’d have gladly paid the full cover charge (plus two-drink minimum) to have been there that evening.

If that doesn’t sell you, St. Louis Blues fans, then nothing will.

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 03/08/2021 11:01:48 AM
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