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Tuesday, March 07, 2021

Sign of the times: Childless English baron Sir Benjamin Slade, on the lookout for an American heir to his Maunsel House estate, is developing an “Apprentice”-style reality show to help him winnow down the candidates.

Sir Benjamin is looking forward to ejecting the losers with his own aristocratic catchphrase: “You’re disinherited.”

I’m sure NBC is desperate enough to slot it into its primetime lineup. They’d probably even provide the $140,000 in annual upkeep the estate requires.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 03/07/2021 10:22:13 PM
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In its ongoing campaign to counter all the negative media it’s attracted over the years, Wal-Mart is playing the blog card by sparkling bloggers’ eyes with “exclusive” news releases that accenturate the company’s viewpoint.

Naturally, content-starved (and lazy) bloggers lap it up,to the point of cutting-and-pasting the copy they get from Wal-Mart’s PR firm, Edelman, directly into their posts. Which, when viewed through search-engine prisms, quickly lets the cat out of the corporately-manipulated bag.

Isn’t this how Drudge hit it big? Republican spinmeisters spoon-fed him info about Whitewater and the Monica Lewinsky affair, which he unquestionably put on his site. Because he was running his site before the term/concept “blog” was ever dreamed up, his slop was mistaken for reporting. (The joke continues, as people today inexplicably rely upon him.) Nearly a decade later, Edelman is repeating the process on Wal-Mart’s behalf.

It’s a testament to how highly Marshall Manson, Edelman’s point man for this effort, thinks of the blogosphere collectively. Yet I doubt it’ll be especially effective, even in online terms. One million gushing Wal-Mart posts wouldn’t equal the impact of, say, one Garth Brooks “Friends With Low Wages” parody video clip. People hate to read, but they’ll eat up audio/video timewasters.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 03/07/2021 09:27:02 PM
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The recent report from the NYS Comptroller’s Office about the fiscal stress facing municipal tax bases around the state provides little but confirmation of the obvious. When all of New York State outside of the Big Apple is hemorrhaging residents year after year, the money goes with it, and governmental services get crunched.

Strangely enough, the most enlightening thing about the news for me was a matter-of-fact revelation, via press release, of the state’s “Big Four” cities, after the five boroughs:

1. Buffalo, 285K

2. Rochester, 215K

3. Yonkers, 197K

4. Syracuse, 144K

If I had had to guess, I wouldn’t have come up with these four. Buffalo I knew was a distant No. 2 to NYC, and Rochester always has had some people in it. But I’d have guessed Albany would have been in there (turns out not, as it’s got less than 100,000). And for some reason, I never imagined Yonkers proper to contain nearly 200,000 residents; always figured it was as decentralized into myriad townships as the rest of Westchester was.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 03/07/2021 08:35:56 PM
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I can breathe easy: I ran my name through DontDateHimGirl.com, a burgeoning database blacklist of serial bad boyfriends, and came up clean. No one out there badmouthing this guy.

That eliminates one possibility for why I keep getting rejected…

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 03/07/2021 07:46:22 PM
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down the hatch
Funny how a randomly-accessed blog post can send me scurrying to an eBay listing.

I don’t know if I’m nostalgic enough for Robie the Robot Bank, and his little money-munching dance of joy, to bid for it. The memory trigger alone is probably satisfaction enough. That, and discovering that Robie has an extended family, in various stages of robotic advancement.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 03/07/2021 05:49:04 PM
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