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Monday, March 06, 2021

go boom
BlogExplosion, probably the biggest traffic-generating referral ring out there, is up for sale.

The timing is curious. BE just jumped on the blog-community bandwagon last month with BlogCharm. That move, along with all the other affiliate-building doo-dads the service runs, was a clear sign that they were trying to build up something along the lines of MySpace, or even Flickr, that would be appealing to a corporate buyer. It’s a formula that’s paid off decently: Attract a lot of registered users, sell a lot of advertising on the user-created space, then monetize through an acquisition sale.

But why not wait until BlogCharm actually gains some critical mass? Right now, it’s got fewer than 1,500 users signed up. Even given its brief existence, that’s peanuts. I can only guess that BlogCharm didn’t catch fire the way BE assumed it would, and rather than put more work into this best shot at expanding the user base, are looking to cash out earlier than planned.

Don’t expect a cha-ching payday for BE, along the lines of yesterday’s NBC Universal acquisition of iVillage. In fact, based on the small operating numbers provided by the company (hovering at $4,500/month), even the most enthusiastic buyer would be crazy to offer more than high five-figures for it. Frankly, despite its optimistic labeling as a community site, it’s more of a traffic ring — and in its present structure, that doesn’t make it a viable advertising vehicle. And that’s where the money comes from. Right now, even the “Battle of the Blogs” and other hooks don’t provide that. New ownership can certainly redesign that, but there’s always the risk of alienating the existing user base.

My use of BlogExplosion kind of typifies this. It helped me get some exposure when I first set up this blog. I even log into it now, often as a substitute for running through my blogroll. But for me, it begins and ends at the “surf member blogs” link. I have no interest in the “Rent My Blog” or other gimmicks. I don’t even bother with the banner advertising deal anymore — I found that it resulted in practically zero clickthrus (although I do have a couple of nice banners I created to thank for it, should I ever find another use for them). For me, it’s useful for the occasional something-to-do online goof, but beyond that, I don’t feel at all committed to the service. It’s nice to have, but that’s it.

We’ll see where the sales process goes. I’m not expecting any surprises.

- Costa Tsiokos, Mon 03/06/2021 11:45:00 AM
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  1. Thats dumb. I think the reason why they are selling out or trying to anyway is because of the way that BlogMad.net is taking the net by storm and killing blogexplosion’s business.

    Blogmad with 172 people online

    blogexplosion with 36 people online.

    sell quickly before blogmad’s alexa rank shoots blogexplosion down.

    Comment by Symonds — 03/28/2006 @ 01:28:02 PM

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