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Monday, March 06, 2021

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To coincide with this week’s season premiere of “America’s Next Top Model”, the West Coast branch of the Writers Guild of America is releasing “Top Model for Sale”, a parody video short expounding upon what the Guild considers to be egregious product placement on that particular reality hit.

I particularly like the Nike Swoosh temp tattoo on the forehead of the Tyra Banks character. They should have gotten someone hotter to play Tyra, though.

Here’s the iPod-friendly M4V file. I’m sure MPEG and WMV formats will crop up soon enough (although, as of this writing, I don’t see it on usual suspect YouTube.)

This clip is part of Product Invasion, a broader effort by the WGA to protest rampant advertising content insertion into shows:

“We’re trying to get the attention of our employers, the companies that own and operate show business,” said Patric M. Verrone, president of the Writers Guild, West, referring to entertainment conglomerates like Walt Disney, Time Warner and Viacom. “But they’re managed so far to avoid us.”

“We’re trying to make a mark by calling attention to some of the companies doing this branded entertainment by counterbranding their products,” Mr. Verrone said. Procter was chosen to be parodied, he added, because it is “America’s top integrator” of products into programming.

Left unsaid: Reality shows, being lightly scripted by nature, are perceived as a threat to writers who rely upon traditional scripted television series for their livelihood. So there’s certainly a cynical edge here in the WGA’s motives. But in that sense, it’s genius to frame their campaign this way — no one’s a particular fan of creeping advertising.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 03/06/2021 10:14pm
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