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Saturday, March 04, 2021

As more people set up wireless access points for their Internet connections, they’re finding more of their nearby neighbors piggybacking onto the signal and often slowing down broadband speeds to a crawl.

Humphrey Cheung, the editor of a technology Web site, tomshardware.com, measured how plentiful open wireless networks have become. In April 2004, he and some colleagues flew two single-engine airplanes over metropolitan Los Angeles with two wireless laptops.

The project logged more than 4,500 wireless networks, with only about 30 percent of them encrypted to lock out outsiders, Mr. Cheung said.

Aside from the increasingly commonplace nature of it, there’s not an awful lot new here. I’m surprised, though, that the landmark case this past summer of a man in St. Petersburg, Florida being arrested and convicted of stealing a wi-fi signal wasn’t mentioned. If someone’s really experiencing some hassles from multiple freeloaders, and turning on the encryption isn’t feasible, there is the option of calling in the cops.

Not to be an apologist for endusers who don’t bother to set up equipment properly, but it’s not as easy to enable WEP or other encryption as this report makes it sound. The equipment I’m using, for instance, is ridiculously hard to synch between access point and computer. After struggling with it on two separate long-ago afternoons, I gave up. Now, I’m just taking my chances that no one is close enough to scrounge off my signal — and if they are, they’re not doing anything more malicious than porn-surfing.

In this article, Symantec makes noises about offering some sort of lock-out utility, aside from WEP. It might be worth looking into. In fact, any third-party application (preferably freeware) might be an end-around option over a native but bulky access-point feature.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/04/2021 04:08:50 PM
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I find it to be a peculiar phenomenon that the films Aquamarine and Ultraviolet are playing in theaters simultaneously this week.

I mean, it doesn’t quite represent the full spectrum of coloration, but it’s as close as I figure it’ll ever get. (Too bad no one’s making a movie called Infrared.)

Since the Four Word Film Review entries for both movies are woefully inadequate — what part of “four word” don’t those dorks understand? — I think I’ll present my own here. I haven’t seen either one, and don’t intend to, but it’s not like that matters:

Aquamarine - Splash meets “Dawson’s Creek”.

Ultraviolet - Milla Jovovich kicks ass.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/04/2021 11:05:24 AM
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hoppin' down the brokeback trail
You can keep your “Grayskull Mountain” and “Brokeback To The Future” nonsense. All the Brokeback Mountain-inspired humor pales in comparison to the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre’s condensed version of this year’s Oscar favorite.

I found the tire iron scene to be especially poignant.

Of course, I was already a fan of bunny-driven movie remakes.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 03/04/2021 10:20:55 AM
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