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Wednesday, March 01, 2021

owns nothingWhen your losses keep mounting, you’ve got to blame someone. If you’re Napster’s CEO, you blame being stuck with Microsoft’s digital media file format in an iPod world.

Or it could be that no one’s buying (literally) the subscription service that Napster’s hung its hat on. Of course, when iTunes/iPod holds some 80-90 percent of the market, it is hard to make headway. In light of these complaints, I’m sure Microsoft won’t shed many tear if Napster decides to end its association with Redmond. That’ll probably happen soon enough — when Napster inevitably declares that it’s closing up shop.

I’ve discussed before that I don’t think much of Napster’s business model. I think even less of it now, actually.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 03/01/2021 11:51:16 PM
Category: Tech, iPod
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  1. Now, CT. There’s a lot *more* wrong with Napster before you go picking on its business model.

    There’s the brand, for example, which used to be illegal before it was legal, which I am sure has confused a few people.

    There’s also the fact that this was they built their original brand on rebellion, then caved under pressure and sold out all their “customers.” Yes, they had an untenable and highly illegal business model to begin with, but that doesn’t make much of a difference.

    There’s also the matter of their actual product. Their _selection_ is the worst and their _price_ is the worst. I haven’t used their software, but if it sucks, too, they have very little going for them.

    Comment by John — 03/02/2021 @ 06:43:32 AM

  2. There’s the brand, for example, which used to be illegal before it was legal, which I am sure has confused a few people.

    Bingo! Although I still think that, had it been handled right, Napster’s brand legitimization could’ve worked. The illegal days were over five years ago — a generation in ecommerce terms.

    Comment by CT — 03/02/2021 @ 09:45:20 AM


    Napster, that original bad-boy of the music file-sharing realm, finds that it’s tough sledding trying to reposition itself as a legitimate online music store.
    And it all has to do with its turn-of-the-century reputation preceding it:
    “When …

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 07/28/2008 @ 01:19:04 PM

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