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Friday, February 24, 2021

Since Joel went on a somnambulistic post-killing spree, I figured I’d repurpose my comment from his blog into a post on mine. I’d been meaning to touch on this anyway, but lost it in the shuffle from Florida to New York:

You’ll see above the “Discover Florida’s Oceans” license plate, a relatively new entry in Florida’s specialty plate lineup. Take special note of the “s” in “Oceans”.

You don’t have to be a geography major to figure out that Florida’s bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Unless the Sunshine State somehow annexed a non-contiguous chunk of California, or the Gulf suddenly has been promoted to oceanic status, that means Florida’s got only one ocean to “discover”.

This relates back to hearing people in Tampa Bay constantly referring to the Gulf as “the ocean”. Both tourists and natives were equally ignorant on this detail. Yeah, water’s water, but Christ — figure out where you’re wading.

That’s the end of my rant. You’ll have to check back with Joel about the transgression that is the clownfish plate.

- Costa Tsiokos, Fri 02/24/2006 05:37:35 PM
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  1. […] Now that I’ve received a bit of a cue from CT, I thought I should recreate my mysteriously missing post regarding Florida’s possibly Disney-influenced lapse in marine knowledge. But thanks to the fine folks at Google and their RSS reader, I was simply able to copy/paste the post back where it belongs. One of Florida’s recent additions to their extraordinary number of specialty license plates was created to increase awareness of the state’s aquaculture (pictured above). The plate features the clownfish species, made famous by Finding Nemo. […]

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