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Tuesday, February 21, 2021

gonna pack it up nice
It’s going to get harder to get your free Magnolia-mackin’ fix online. NBC’s legal hounds have gotten YouTube.com and other video sites to yank unauthorized copies of “Lazy Sunday/The Chronic(What?)les of Narnia”, the wildfire film short that made “Saturday Night Live” almost worth watching again.

It is still available for purchase on iTunes. And it’s allegedly viewable for free on NBC.com, although it’s not accessible as of this writing.

I find it funny that some have missed the point in NBC’s actions:

Several online commentators noted that NBC’s response to YouTube, while legally justified, may have been short-sighted. The online popularity of “Lazy Sunday” has been credited with reviving interest in “Saturday Night Live” at a time when it is in need of some buzz…

“We got e-mails from college students, and a lot of them said it’s the ‘Lazy Sunday’ clip that turned them on to potentially watching ‘S.N.L.’ again,” she said.

What’s not to understand? NBC initially allowed the clip to circulate far and wide over the Web (not that it could have stopped it in the early stages, but still). It even introduced the iTunes offering as a freebie. In that way, “Lazy Sunday” did its job. Although I have to point out, “potentially watching” doesn’t mean a whole lot — college students are going to be out partying late Saturday, not glued to the TV.

That phase is over. Everyone who wanted to see it has seen it by now. It’s not like it’s going to continue to serve as a timely promo for “SNL”, two months later. It’s time to pull it back (as much as possible) and make it a more sought-after commodity.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 02/21/2006 09:41:23 PM
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