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Thursday, February 16, 2021

With exurbs all the rage, and revitalization of downtown cores civic priority… Wither the suburbs? Despite holding 20 percent of the U.S. population, the ever-graying and dilapidating “first suburbs” are suffering from governmental neglect and outmoded operational plans.

It seems like the post-World War II buffer zone of suburban communities are being treated like a classic middle child. The metro region is the first-born: The commercial engine for the region that gets its due attention from economic and political powerbrokers. The exurbs are the newborn: Coveted for their younger voters (who invariably go Republican, owing to the relative affluence of those who can afford longer commutes and larger mortgages). The traditional suburbs, with their proximity to the urban core, are the neglected offspring: Assumed to be in fine shape, thanks to decades-old perceptions of wealth; that past has given way to migration patterns that make immediate bedroom communities more akin to the big city than the further-flung exurbs.

This isssue is more pertinent to me lately. I’m spending lots of time at my childhood home, which is in Orange County, New York. These days, Orange is technically an exurb, and there does seem to be more folks here commuting to NYC than I remember while growing up. But in other ways, it resembles more of a struggling suburb in Westchester or Nassau. I’ve noted, with bemusement, that there are a lot more older people around here than I noticed in Tampa Bay, where I just departed. And more obvious immigrant communities, notably from Mexico and South America.

As with most civic matters in the U.S., the perception shift has to take place before any tangible policy change can happen. The Brookings Institution study is only a starting gun.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 02/16/2006 11:35 PM
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go 'nolesOf the 84,347 fans at Doak Campell for last September’s Miami-Florida State tilt, only one managed to stand out. Thanks to a spilled beer prior to the game, Jenn Sterger, aka the FSU Cowgirl, came out of that nationally-telecast game as the most popular Seminole this side of Burt Reynolds.

Except, um, better, obviously. If you’re too old to be gawking at Facebook pictures, then maybe a Maxim photo spread is more palatable.

And if pretty pichers aren’t enough for you, Sterger’s further parlaying her pigskin-fueled fame into an SIonCampus.com column.

Y’know, I usually don’t approve of the superfluous extra “n” in a name like “Jenn”. But, all things considered, I’ll let it stand.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 02/16/2006 09:05 PM
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I don’t think I’ve ever wound up sitting next to anyone interesting and/or attractive on an airplane. I’ve probably taken fewer flights in my life than the average middle-class male, but still. (Flying coach probably doesn’t help, I know.)

I realize I’m not alone, because AirTroductions has over 8,000 hopefuls looking for love, or at least good conversation, the next time they roll up and off the runway.

Unless you’re a frequent flyer, I think this is an exercise in wishful thinking. I’ll play the percentages and go for the inflight cocktails, along with the entertainment monitor, a book or my iPod. If one of the female flight attendants is cute enough to be flirt-worthy, it’s a bonus.

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There’s probably a million free Web-based ports of Sonic the Hedgehog out there. But I doubt most are as complex as this one, which lets you play as one of four characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or Cream. You’ll think you’d just fired up your old Genesis.

(Via Hemmy.net)

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 02/16/2006 08:39 AM
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For some indefinable reason, the prospect of a Union Square-sized outdoors pillow fight this Saturday is sounding awfully tempting to me.

This quirky social gathering is a manifestation of Newmindspace, which is the brainchild of a couple of University of Toronto students named Lori and Kevin. I wonder if they’re aware of how closely their site logo resembles the Pac-Man reminiscent one for MySpace-wannabe MindSay

So, should I join in on the pillow-swinging frivolity? There are worse ways to spend a weekend afternoon in Manhattan. I think I should buy a disposable pillow for this, though — don’t want to lug one around afterward. (Does that represent more preparation than something like this merits?)

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 02/16/2006 08:17 AM
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