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Wednesday, February 15, 2021

I was fairly unimpressed with this past weekend’s big snowstorm.

And I was justified in dishing out the dis. Because despite the record-breaking snowfall, it turns out that this “blizzard” really wasn’t all that:

Because the track of this storm was relatively far offshore, it did not pack the wallop of wet warm ocean air that northeasters can, so the snow was dry and fluffy. Very, very fluffy. Like a Persian cat in a roomful of hair dryers. Thus it blew right off tree branches rather than snapping them down onto power lines. It practically shoveled itself…

There really was less snow in Elm Park. And it wasn’t just Elm Park. Borough Park, Ozone Park, Parkchester, Park Ridge, Minnewaska State Park, the Vince Lombardi Park & Ride — just about any park other than Central, the record-breaking storm actually broke no record at all.

For according to Geoff Cornish, a meteorologist at Pennsylvania State University, the heaviest snow fell in a 15-mile-wide band that passed directly over Midtown Manhattan, the southeastern Bronx and northwestern Queens. Thus La Guardia Airport in Flushing received 9 inches more snow than Kennedy, and nobody in Brooklyn saw even 20 inches, let alone two feet.

And I can concur: The flakes that were falling were pretty light, and while they kept on coming, it didn’t seem like they were limiting visibility that much. Plus, the snow’s melting away awfully fast. It’ll stick around in drifts for weeks, but the layers on the ground could be mostly gone by week’s end. And the roads are completely clear of ice.

If only all nor’easter blizzards were this easy to shrug off.

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 02/15/2006 09:17:29 AM
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