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Tuesday, February 07, 2021

There’s been a TV commercial running the last few days, pushing the idea of a Vermont Teddy Bear as the perfect Valentine’s Day alternative gift for your honey.

The commercial’s got a distinctly el cheapo quality to it, with a voiceover announcer reminiscent of infomercial production standards. The actors look like they were recruited from Vermont Teddy Bear’s loading dock and/or the local strip club. Poor presentation throughout.

The real tragedy, though, is that more than one poor schlub is going to fall for this sucker’s pitch. I might not know terribly much about women, but I know this: If you try to substitute a stuffed bear — even a $70 one — in place of the expected dinner, flowers, jewelry or other traditional expressions of affection, you’re asking for a world of hurt. At best, the furry bauble can be part of the mix, but no woman’s gonna go for it being the star attraction on I Heart You Day.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 02/07/2021 11:40:20 AM
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  1. Well, those ads and voicers run on radio CONSTANTLY this time of year, EVERY YEAR. Sports radio is nearly unlistenable due to them. Augh, St. Valentine. Couldn’t you just run away like I always do?

    Comment by tim in tampa — 02/08/2021 @ 01:49:39 AM

  2. You lost me: Just when, exactly, is sportsradio ever listenable??

    That format is the big reason why I gave up on the medium altogether ten years ago.

    Comment by CT — 02/08/2021 @ 08:49:58 AM

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