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Sunday, February 05, 2021

Back in the New York metro zone for a week now, I’m running across a myriad of memory triggers every day.

A particular source for that: The local television stations. I was a typical late-20th Century kid — the boob tube, as surrogate babysitter, planted countless indelible mental images in my brain. And since my pre-teens came before the VCR and cable, most of those images derived from the local TV stations. So it’s a kick to flip to Channel 5 or Channel 11 and see or hear a familiar on-air personality, still at it 30 years later.

To assure myself that the televised flotsam and jetsam of my youth wasn’t imaginary, TV Ark has an archive of imagery and video clips from all six NYC-area stations:

Just seeing the familiar names like Roz Abrams, John Roland (can’t believe he retired only in 2004), Ernie Anastos, Rolland Smith and other local news announcers brings forth the memories.

Unfortunately, all the video on TV Ark is in Real format, meaning I can’t watch it (I refuse to install RealMedia Player on my computers; don’t need yet another program fighting to become the default media player). But the pictures and text are enough to fuel a little nostalgia.

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xtra xtra
It’s Big Game Day, aka Super Bowl XL. And I’m going to be watching it on a big-screen TV in Suffern, NY.


It’s a familiar enough placename for those in the New York City metro area, even most probably couldn’t locate it on a map. For the “Sex and the City” contingent — which probably represents a big chunk of the population — Suffern’s probably most associated with the Sex and the Country episode, where the Rockland County community is portrayed as a big patch o’ farmland.

Well… There are still some farm plots in that neck of the woods. But, along with the rest of Rockland, Suffern’s more of a suburban landscape these days. And it’s to my cousin Adrianna’s suburban spread that I’m going, to watch the game with my extended family. She and her husband bought a new television set, and they want to break it in.

Growing up, heading off to a corner of Rockland always seemed like an unbearably long hike. Even now, thinking about it hours before actually getting into the car, the conception is of a long journey. But really, it’s not — it’s only 30-40 minutes away. Even the weather’s clear, so that’s not going to factor in. I guess these mental constructs are hard to shake, especially when you’ve grown up with them.

This will be the first Super Bowl I’ve spent with family in… I don’t know how long. As with any gathering on this most secular of Sundays, I’m basically just hoping to be able to catch enough of the game (and the commercials, naturally) to offset the inevitable social distractions.

Unlike the past couple of years, I’m not experiencing pre-burnout from the attendant two-week buildup to Super Sunday. Obviously, with my move from Florida to New York, I’ve had enough else to preoccupy me. The result: I’m going into today more or less media-exposure fresh. A neat trick, and one I might try to repeat for next year. (I am indulging today, though, with my eye on ESPN’s “NFL Sunday Countdown” from now until gametime.)

As for the game itself: I’ve stuck with the AFC even before Pittsburgh emerged as Conference champ, and see absolutely no reason to change that stance now. I see the Steelers winning this one, rather easily.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 02/05/2021 12:15 PM
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