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Tuesday, January 31, 2021

A look at the TV ad lineup for Super Bowl XL shows this singular item near the start of the third quarter:

American Home Health - One :30 - PS line of home antibacterial soaps and disinfectants.

Summary: People in biosuits (”humorous”)

Ad Agency: Ronin Advertising Group, Coconut Grove, Fla.

The company, American HomeHealth, is a St. Petersburg-based upstart that’s looking at its $3-million worth of time during the big game as the ticket to instant national exposure.

The Times article makes it sound like AHH is shooting its entire marketing wad on the Super Bowl — a questionable all-or-nothing prospect. However, the company has already spent some dough in at least one other sporting venue, at least in its local territory.

During my last Tampa Bay Lightning game, I noticed continual ad rotations for the PS cleanser on all the St. Pete Times Forum’s video displays. There were enough of them, and they were presented vaguely enough with just the two-letter product name, that I distinctly remember my curiosity being roused. I wondered just what the heck they were advertising. I’m guessing plenty of hockey fans have been wondering the same thing.

So Super Bowl Sunday won’t be a complete coming-out party for PS. But aside from Tampa Bay hockey fans, no one will know the difference.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 01/31/2006 09:27:05 PM
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  1. They also have one of the Zamboni’s covered with their graphics. Where are they getting this kind of startup money?

    Comment by tiny — 02/01/2021 @ 01:18:45 PM

  2. Yeah, they get the Zamboni for being a newly-minted Lightning sponsor. And come to think of it, I also noticed that during my last visit.

    From the Times article, the company founder came from a financial background, so I’m guessing he came into the game with plenty of capitalization. I think it’s refreshing that a startup sinks so much money into its public image, instead of relying upon two or three primary clients to keep it afloat in the early going.

    Comment by CT — 02/01/2021 @ 01:42:50 PM

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