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Sunday, January 29, 2021

The deed is done. I arrived at my mother’s house this morning, in upstate-ish New York (Orange County Choppers territory, if that serves as a frame of reference for anyone). I’ll be hanging out here for a few days, and making my way down to Manhattan as needed. I have a few contacts to make, but nothing imminent.

I made the drive from Pinellas County to here in a record (for me) 19 hours! That’s pretty remarkable. It’s been ages since I did the drive, but it’s always been a solid 24-hour straight-through trip. Because the route unavoidably cuts through Northeastern metro areas (Washington, Baltimore, New Jersey/New York), there’s usually a certain amount of logjam. But this time, for some reason, it was an unprecedented breeze. Getting through Florida, from Gulf Coast to Atlantic, took relatively little time, and interstate from Georgia to DC was tremendously hassle-free. But the kicker: Even the winding through Washington, Baltimore and New Jersey was unfettered. I think the key was going through those areas in the dead of night, around 3AM to 6AM. Really remarkable; I was slicing through veritable ghosttowns.

Obviously, I drove the whole night through, without stopping for sleep. It wasn’t necessarily by design; I figured I would just pull into a motel whenever I felt tired enough. But strangely, that never happened. If anything, I felt more tired when I first set off on Saturday afternoon. By the time night fell, I suddenly felt re-energized. And as I was making great time, I decided I might as well press the advantage and get the whole thing over with. I really didn’t feel any fatigue until I finally arrived and unloaded some stuff (admittedly, a Coke and a Red Bull along the way helped keep the energy level up).

I think I would have arrived here even earlier had I not gotten sidetracked through the wilds of New Jersey. I got off the New Jersey Turnpike early, and would up meandering for about 45 minutes (thanks, Google Maps). I finally found the right interstate, and once I crossed the state line into New York, I was set.

Some advice for anyone traversing the Garden State Parkway: The highway cops are super-quick to pounce. I spotted literally a dozen pull-overs in the 15 minutes I spent on that road. It definitely kept me stuck on the speed limit.

Anyway, I’ve landed. I’m taking the next couple of days to recharge and get oriented. I’m going to pick up a cable modem tomorrow for Mom and get truly Web-enabled here (right now I’m, ahem, “borrowing” a neighborhood wi-fi signal, and a weak one at that). After that, time to get things into gear.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/29/2006 04:53:06 PM
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    It’s been close to two weeks since I moved. I’ve been thinking about listing out some of the immediate differences I’ve experienced between Florida and New York, but I haven’t been particularly motivated to do so. Yet.
    But her…

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  2. why bother

    Friday’s tbt* tells us about folks who don’t change their cell number. The print edition (NOW FREE FIVE DAYS/WEEK) introduced us to four of them - Harold, Rory, Sarita, and Don. The online edition left Don out. Funny that there’s more…

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