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Saturday, January 28, 2021

Well, this is it. Assuming all goes as planned today, I’ll be making the drive up to New York State from Florida, starting today. Thus finally closing the book on 15-odd years of living in the Tampa Bay area.

I had kicked around setting up a couple of pre-dated posts to appear here while I was truckin’ up north. But between wrapping up personal and business things, and prepping for the logistics of the move, I didn’t find the time to do that. So I decided to just let things flow: If I have the time and opportunity to post while on the road, I’ll gladly indulge. If not, I’ll just have to take a day or two off — a rare occurence, indeed.

As far as perspective from this fairly major life move: Not sure I have much to commit here now. Fifteen years is close to half my lifespan. I’m leaving behind a lot of familiarity, and more than a few friends and acquaintences. And even though New York is where I grew up, in many ways, it’s like going into alien territory. It’s going to be an adjustment.

More later, once I’ve landed. In the meantime, scroll on down the page, click on the category links, and otherwise amuse yourself. From here on out, you’ll be reading an Empire State blog.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 01/28/2006 09:17:45 AM
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