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Friday, January 27, 2021

Nothing like a gay cowboy story to stoke the comedic zeitgeist. Brokeback Mountain’s increasing buzz is spawning a pop-cultural cross-section of comedic material based on the movie’s premise, in turn giving the film a near-iconic status (as fleeting as it probably is).

A sampling of Brokeback jokes includes a couple of gems from “The Late Show with David Letterman”, including these selections from “Top Ten Signs You Are a Gay Cowboy”:

8. You enjoy ridin’, ropin’ and redecoratin’.

5. Native Americans refer to you as Dances With Men.

And Nathan Lane’s “Brokeback: The Musical” spoof from last month is a keeper:

(To the tune of You’re the Top)

Gay Cowboy No. 1: “You’re the top…”
Lane: “You’re the chaw that I chew…”
Gay Cowboy No. 2: “You’re the top…”
Lane: “I wish I could quit you.”

If anything, the “I wish I could quit you” line might endure long after the rest of it passes. It’s short and catchy, and adaptable to a range of circumstances. Perfect for a sound-bite society.

I’d like to point out that I did my part to spread the Brokeback fun with my “Gay Cowboys, No Pudding” post, partly inspired by “South Park”. Sure, it wasn’t terribly original, and didn’t reach more than a few thousand readers (if that). But regurgitation counts big on the InterWeb.

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    You can keep your “Grayskull Mountain” and “Brokeback To The Future” nonsense. All the Brokeback Mountain-inspired humor pales in comparison to the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre’s condensed version of this year’s Oscar favorite.

    I found the tire i…

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