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Tuesday, January 24, 2021

Just got back from my aforementioned last St. Pete Times Forum visit, which turned out to be a Panthers 3-2 overtime win versus the Bolts. Not a bad game, given that all the action took place in the final four minutes; I was actually pulling for a shootout, since I’d never seen an NHL version of such live.

A 5-on-3 Lightning power play during the game gave me the opportunity to see the cleverest sponsorship ploy I’d ever seen in a sporting arena. Fifth Third Bank, appropriately enough, tacked their name onto the home team’s two-man advantage, dubbing it “The Fifth Third Bank 5-on-3 Power Play”.

Yeah, it’s another example of a sports team whoring out every last inch of the game experience. But if they’re going to do it — and don’t kid yourself, they will — I appreciate the unexpected creative touch that goes with it. This was definitely one of those instances where both team and sponsor went the extra mile. I applaud the effort.

Fifth Third’s push into the Florida market should get a nice boost from this hockey exposure, as long as Tampa Bay draws extra penalties. If nothing else, it’ll pique widespread curiosity about how the bank’s goofy name came about.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 01/24/2006 11:39:13 PM
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Two and a half years ago, UPN was looking to remake itself and capture a level of success similar to what rival network-lite The WB.

The result of that effort: They couldn’t beat ‘em, so they’re joining them — and vice versa. UPN and The WB are being merged to form The CW — a name conceived as a combination of the names of corporate parents CBS and Warner.

Superb idea — about five years ago. By now, it’s practically beside the point. It’s an acknowledged throwing in of the towel by both sides. If The CW manages to establish any sort of brand value, it’ll be a shocker. Eric Deggans has a good point-by-point breakdown of the impact of this move in a morphing media universe, for programming and affiliate stations.

I, for one, will miss UPN. Not that I watch anything on it. But I’m always reminded of Chuck D’s quip about the network’s acronym standing for “United Plantation Negroes”, a reflection of the overload of blaxploitation-ish programming.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 01/24/2006 05:48:13 PM
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