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Sunday, January 22, 2021

steeling a victory
Weeks ago, I made a couple of observations about this year’s NFL playoffs:

Since the Steelers just knocked off Denver, 34-17, my assumption of AFC supremacy is now flying through unprecedented territory.

Pittsburgh impressed me. The Broncos were my pick to win the whole she-bang; I gave them a slight edge over Indianapolis even before the Colts were knocked off. There was something about Denver, from midseason on, that told me they were going to cash in on the entire thing. They had a swagger that seemed to hold a lot of promise.

But Pittsburgh took care of that. They looked as dominating as they have been during the postseason, and put it away decisively. They may have come into the playoffs as the No. 6 AFC team, but they’ve earned the top spot now.

So, I’m sticking with my AFC prejudice. In fact, I’m even more sure now than I had been. Whoever wins the Carolina-Seattle game will be little more than a strawman. In two weeks’ time, Pittsburgh will be bringing home the Lombardi Trophy.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/22/2006 06:26:17 PM
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  1. pittsburgh may have been a no. 6 seed in name only. two of the steelers losses came when big ben was hurt, and tommy maddox was behind center — TOMMY MADDOX!!

    also, big ben may have come back too soon. his first game back from the knee injury was against indy in that monday night debacle. the next game, six days later, was against cincinnati — a short week playing another strong team.

    steelers didn’t surprise me beating cincy (they beat the bengals at cincinnati earlier in the year); shocked me beating the colts; modestly surprised me against the broncos.

    the steelers are peaking at the right time.

    Comment by anon — 01/23/2006 @ 02:10:59 PM


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