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Saturday, January 21, 2021

tv star
When “The Daly Planet” was announced, I predicted it would be a monster hit.

Well, the review is in, and it looks like neither John Daly nor The Golf Channel know how to work the reality TV angle:

What Daly needs for a successful reality show - even if it isn’t what Daly needs to maintain his sanity and career - is a crazy, camera-hogging family, an obnoxious agent, maybe a Tin Cup-like performance in a big event.

But this is the Golf Channel, not Bravo. If Daly has any of these to offer fans of reality TV, the producers didn’t let us see it. But in this episode, there wasn’t much to offer golf fans either.

Like I said before: Too bad Daly’s not still drinking. It would beat watching him try to launch golfballs over Niagara Falls.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 01/21/2006 09:37am
Category: Other Sports, RealiTV Check
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