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Sunday, January 15, 2021

Catherine Durkin Robinson is aghast after a professional bra-fitting upgrades her from her familiar 34C to a pornstar-ish 32DD.

Cheer up, Catherine! Budding actor/model Diora Baird also happens to be a 32DD, and she’s embraced her natural assets:

“It wasn’t until in the last year and a half that I started making fun of myself and the fact that I have big boobs,” she confided. “I never really was comfortable with my large breasts. And I went to the plastic surgeon, and almost got a breast reduction. I didn’t do it, thankfully.”

By the way, she stressed, they’re 100% real.

Yes, I am writing this while watching Wedding Crashers, in which Baird had a brief but career-boosting appearance (thanks in no small part to the prominent displaying of her breasts). And yes, I did mentally file away Baird’s bra size long ago, and was reminded of it while reading Catherine’s essay.

I guess I have cup sizes on the brain. I was with a girl last night who showed off a blue-and-purple Victoria’s Secret bra she was snagging on eBay. Size: 36B.

UPDATE, 1/17/2006: Y’know, I knew there was something familiar about that name. Turns out Catherine is a contributor to Sticks of Fire, where she has a laugh about being featured on the front page of the Times’ Floridian section. She also points to her own teaser, as well as her original blog version of the essay.

I neglected to emphasize how this story reveals the power of labels. Consider: Kate had peace of mind assuming she was a “normal” 34C. When she found out her real size, images of pornstars and streetwalkers sprung to mind, despite her physical shape not changing at all. That double-D might as well have been a scarlet letter — a pair (ahem) of them.

Clothes have that power over most of us. It’s the same reason people cling to their teenage-era jean size several years after quarter- and mid-life spread sets in. It’s the fashion-meets-numerology dynamic; I guess it applies to cup sizes too.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/15/2006 10:30:37 PM
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  1. You have a point. I wouldn’t say I had peace of mind beforehand, a part of me knew that giving birth and nursing had changed more than just a state of mind. HOWEVER, to find out the truth under too-bright lighting and without medication nearby was just plain cruel.

    The upside? When I mention plastic surgery, people just close their eyes and nod their heads. It’s understandable now - my own community-wide “I told you so!”

    My kids will be so proud someday.

    Comment by kate — 01/18/2006 @ 12:06:14 PM


    My trusty traffic stats have been telling me that quite a few wayward visitors to this blog have been hunting down pictures of Diora Baird in Esquire Magazine.

    I’d assumed it would be in the same Esquire that I subscribe to. But no — in fact, Ms. …

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 05/16/2006 @ 11:48:25 PM

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